Friday, January 11, 2013

Genies and Bottles

UD has linked to an old June '12 interview (in prep for linking to a newer piece??)- On participation in MOOCs- this fragment stuck out: "will help the university itself understand that the imbalance between research and teaching should end." in retrospect - wish UD would have elaborated on that last point...maybe her latest interview (when she links to it) will touch on it.(p.s. Didn't read the first link in that UD post- veered straight to MOOCs and away from it -but now have, and just want to acknowledge it. It brought back memories of evans, bldg 50, and the paramount- stories familiar to some of us. The whys don't get answered.)

There is this from @cnewf: "to do what #highered already does, #MOOC Coursera to engage in "keystroke biometrics" and related identity monitoring"
Also this piece was very good read: reflecting on 20mm conference

Remaking the University has a rush transcript of 20mm

Keep California's Promise -Glantz updates his How Much Would It Cost To Restore Public Higher Education in 2013 figures

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