Sunday, January 20, 2013

giving him "pretty good marks for stability, not very high marks for innovative leadership."

(should mention that quote in the title came from Callan, who also said he did not have a plan for higher ed either) and
Sherry Lansing, chairwoman of the regents, said she and others had beseeched Yudof not to leave, but, given his health issues, he felt that "at some point you have to put quality of life first." She said the regents and Brown wanted Yudof to stay and work for years more on such issues as the announced expansion of online courses and expanding aid to middle-income families.
The regents will form a national search committee to find a replacement for Yudof. If a suitable candidate is not hired by summer, Lansing said she would ask Yudof to stay until one is found.
from the LA Times

all of this coverage on it - some of these stories just sound the same - but the above detail is new.

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