Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gov. Brown State of The State

You can watch the State of the State: here on video on demand at the California Channel

mentions University of California
he received an almost unanimous standing ovation when he said no to tuition increases and no to making students the financiers of higher ed
live blogging archive available here

think Yudof was in the audience as well.

analysis here

will post the video with the UC section highlighted once it is archived.

here is the text of his speech
He says on Higher Ed:
"With respect to higher education, cost pressures are relentless and many students cannot get the classes they need. A half million fewer students this year enrolled in the community colleges than in 2008. Graduation in four years is the exception and transition from one segment to the other is difficult. The University of California, the Cal State system and the community colleges are all working on this. The key here is thoughtful change, working with the faculty and the college presidents. But tuition increases are not the answer. I will not let the students become the default financiers of our colleges and universities."

once again: the text of his full State of the State speech can be read in full here.
Inside Higher Ed on the broadband insanity in America

btw, where would the MOOCs be without broadband? and what about those who don't have access to broadband, what about their access to a MOOCs future? (or any other online?)

and Bob Samuels has a piece there as well.

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