Sunday, January 6, 2013

Governor Brown:"Make sure we get the most imaginative and the most aggressive people to be here...we don't want to water this thing down before it even starts"

for the first part of this next week--UC and online initiatives come up at this event, which you can watch online via: Twenty Million Minds Foundation
-more background detail available here
in the UC Regents Agenda online also comes up during the Committee on Educational Policy January 16th as Item E2
Remaking The University has a post on the above topics.
"Gov Jerry Brown went to a Regents meeting that month to revive this 2009 solution to an educational crisis that he will neither define correctly nor fix honestly. Which brings me back to my title and the question, why won't he?" ..."Jerry Brown's November intervention at the Regents' meeting will be followed by a presentation about online to the Regents's Committee on Educational Policy on January 16th. The agenda is not yet public, but if precedent serves, the ideas will be coming 100% from outside providers and 0% from UC faculty, even when that faculty includes figures like UC Berkeley Professor Phillip Stark with a lifetime of experience in online instruction."

there also is: further related to this topic at the 42:00 mark here for more.
Recall Governor Brown's statement at the November UC Regents meeting where he said something like:
-'I would like to make a motion to invite people from ..four or five people advancing this and then let the professors come in and make a response'
-'Not in the gilded terms of academia but in the terms of the market place'
-'Make sure we get the most imaginative and aggressive people to be here--we don't want to water this thing down before it even starts'
Did his comments include UC Faculty? Or, was he saying that by including faculty it would water the presentation down?
**It seems he wanted faculty included.**

See the Governor's comments on an aggressive, imaginative exchange with UC Faculty involved at the 7:00 mark here:

Gov.: "Just call me I'll work on it"
The Dude does not abide?

Isn't it also kinda true that admin UC can't get its IT together and farming out the whole thing to private gets more and more attractive given stories like this one? how much is that also driving this push for UC online from outside providers?
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