Monday, January 7, 2013

"If a critical mass of learning moves towards the MOOCs model, I am not sure who among that crowd will have the last laugh, but administrators, from presidents to deans and departments chairs and traditional faculty, will probably not be amused."

not about 'the last laugh' -but this seems to be hitting on it:
MOOCS, Outsourcing, and the Cloud- Where are Institutional Missions?
Outsourcing and Cloud Computing for Higher Education by Tracy Mitrano, Ph.D., J.D.

Those pieces mention Koller, to refresh memory: Koller's presentation at UC Davis can be seen here.
if you need pictures, it is kinda like this.
there is this other thing:
"I remember a parent at orientation asking a professor, “Which courses might guarantee an A or a B for my student?” The audience laughed—especially parents who also wanted to ask that question but didn’t. "
"You’re here to take classes—don’t rely just on webcast classes; take advantage of the opportunity to interact with other students, and the professor or graduate- student instructor. "
"Do many parents request access to their student’s grades?

They do, but they find for the first time that a report card isn’t sent home. I often hear parents say, “I can’t believe I can’t see my student’s grades, when I’m the one who’s paying for her education!”

This was a strange read.

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