Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"If we have students, particularly of UC and in UC programs, who can't get the medical care they need and deserve, then shame on us," he said.

See: Obamacare Loophole Threatens UC Students

"It's a front-burner issue," said Peter Taylor, UC's chief financial officer, who became aware of the problem last summer."We're not making a profit on (student health care) - but I can't afford to lose money, either."

Meanwhile, UC and other universities, including Harvard, have asked federal health officials to add self-funded student health plans to the new law, in which case UC would be required to lift the caps, said Grace Crickette, UC's chief risk officer. Asked why, Crickette said it was to benefit students, who might otherwise suffer tax penalties.

"We don't know if we'll get in," she said. "We might be rejected."

More on this: at UCLA Fac Blog
Do you believe -with all the UC government relations and legislative analysts UC hires to protect UC interests at the state and fed level- that UC did not know about this long ago?
On what Governor Brown (at UC Regents meeting) called the "amenities race":
What Ails American Higher Education?

Many Students Opt For Colleges That Spend More On Non Academic Functions, Study Finds

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