Monday, January 21, 2013


want to highlight this new post and ask you to closely read the links in it:

Thoughts and Deeds of Mark G. Yudof: A Resignation Reader from Remaking the University
Stuck in a state of disbelief at the June 30, 2009 section...
16.9 Communications.

Communications for presentation to the Board or a Committee thereof shall be in writing and shall be presented by the Secretary and Chief of Staff at the next regular meeting following their receipt by the Secretary and Chief of Staff, provided that communications from the Academic Senate or members of the faculty or student body or employees of the University shall be presented only through the President of the University. This Bylaw does not apply to communications presented by members of the University of California Student Association Board of Directors or by members of the Academic Council of the Academic Senate pursuant to Bylaw 16.10.

Antiquated old model needs replacing, immediately. Bad for California. Something about that old notion of each individual American having the right to petition their government and that other governing boards should aspire to the same model... but maybe too much POTUS inauguration coverage on MLK day.

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