Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"In three years, we will enroll 100,000 degree-seeking students in Open SUNY, making us the largest public online provider of education in the nation."

from USA Today: State University of New York pushing online classes
"SUNY already is among the largest university systems in the country though the California State University and University of California systems combined serve more students. It also is the second largest community college system, eclipsed only by the California Community College System.

SUNY anticipates tripling the number of degree-seeking students in online education programs in three years. The number of students enrolled now is hard to pin down, Zimpher said, but the university system's data professionals are working on an estimate.

For the first time, students will be able to complete a SUNY bachelor's degree online.

"No institution in America — not even the for-profits — will be able to match the number of offerings and the quality of instruction," Zimpher said."

and what is USC telling us about CA right now?: University Of Southern California Going On Lock Down At Night Due To Shootings
Changing Universities on Public Comment Planned For This Week's UC Regents Meeting

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