Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Is "Fundraising" A Good Reason To Deny Citizens An Open Meeting?

Would that 'fly' in California with UC Regents? Answer: NO!
U. Michigan Regents might want to also study CA meeting laws while they are out here meeting with Birgeneau and Berdahl and Stanford and Google...

See: Regents Fly To California For Meetings
There are also comments from UC PR and Senior Administration in the piece, and this:
Russell, the Google researcher, is a leader in Google’s MOOC programs who will meet with the regents later this week. He said MOOCs are still very much in a start-up phase, which is currently characterized by extensive experimentation with different methods and revenue models.

“I’m going to recommend places like Michigan do an investment in (MOOCs) and sort of see where it takes them — kind of like an internal start-up — as a way of exploring what’s possible and then being able to move rapidly when they decide that they do or do not want to go farther with it,” Russell said.

At previous board meetings, some of the members have questioned whether or not MOOCs can yield financial benefit for the University. In September, Martha Pollack, vice provost for academic and budgetary affairs, gave a presentation to the regents about the University’s role in Coursera and eventual avenues for monetization by charging for continuing education and professional courses.

“Historically, once upon a time, universities were threatened by the introduction of low-cost printed books,” Russell said. “They survived that. That seems inconceivable now. When we look back at this time 20 years from now, universities, I predict, will still be around and we’ll have the same sort of ‘you’re kidding’ response. ‘How could they think this could destroy the university?’"

Russell added that MOOCs have the potential to create a competitive market for teaching in which each institution can market its most prominent programs. The result, he said, would be a general rise in teaching standards.

“The question is, ‘How much brand loyalty do you have to an institution that is doing a poor job?’” he said. “I think quality will be the great leveling effect.

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