Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making Water Flow Uphill...

Remember when UCOP's Dooley talked to the L'il Hoover Commission about incentives for faculty who produce for online? Remember, making water flow uphill with money and moving cat food bowls? Please see this video to understand:
Get Adobe Flash player -- well: "Yudof said that within two months he will announce an incentive program for UC professors to develop online courses, focusing on introductory or other high-enrollment courses that can be difficult to get into. He said the UC will establish a system to let students on one campus take online courses at another campus for credit, envisioning a day when 10 percent to 15 percent of all undergraduate courses are taken online." Student Regent Stein raised concerns that the student voice was not being heard on this topic (and many have noted that even at the 20 Million Minds conference they only gave students 15 minutes in an all day conference program)- Lansing and Yudof jumped all over his comments, Yudof even said that there are some canards etc., and they said no students would ever be forced to take online - but this push seems to have some real pushing going on, so maybe Stein's concerns are very legitimate. Regent Blum made a point of highlighting Prof. Robert Reich's and Prof. Ananya Roy's courses taught at his 'poverty center' at Cal are in the online push...and then he handed off to Edley in a big way. and, University of California officials to push ahead with online education also includes video of Gov Brown at UC press conference today (the picture is rotated, but when you click play it is standard format.) btw, some L'il Hoover members don't even know what dual enrollment means but we digress- also see this old post for more. Re: the first video clip at the top of this post: for full detail it is located at this link at the 57:30 mark- if you want to watch the full thing.

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