Sunday, January 20, 2013

More On Jerry Brown and Higher Ed

From U-T San Diego: Governor's Budget Seeks Cost-Cutting In Higher Education

“Most of the things that are on the budget that I’ve seen are ... constructive but modest initiatives,” said Patrick Callan, president of the nonprofit Higher Education Policy Institute in San Jose. “I think the state has much bigger issues in higher education than that budget would suggest, and the kinds of initiative he is bringing to other areas — big systemic reforms — are missing here.”

Callen and others view the state’s approach to higher-education funding as shortsighted, although they acknowledge not having immediate recommendations on what a broad revamp of public colleges in the state should involve.

“My reaction was, here we go again. This is what happens after a recession because legislators and the governor are getting so much push-back about tuition from the public,” said Joni Finney, director of the Institute for Research in Higher Education at the University of Pennsylvania. “It is politically a popular thing to do, but it is not a long-term plan.”

and Sac Bee:
Jerry Brown Carries The Day On Online Classes At UC, CSU

"This was a very productive meeting," Brown said after talking with regents Wednesday. "And I think what was most impressive is how enthusiastic the regents are. They all want to jump in."

George Kieffer, a regent and Los Angeles lawyer, said of any perceived conflict between Brown and regents, "I don't see it. I see we're on the right direction now and pushing this."

The positive reaction Brown received may have to do with the preliminary nature of the proposals regents are considering. Christopher Edley, the dean of UC Berkeley's law school and a central figure in UC's existing efforts online, suggested UC may not be prepared to fully embrace Brown's vision.

"I'm not sure, governor, that UC – that the University of California system of governance – is up to the challenge of leading on this issue," Edley said. "Every day we see a couple of news accounts of other institutions that are being bolder and more innovative."

--At last weeks UC Regents meeting Edley mentioned his taking heat for the online initiative several times- but it was not the online initiative that garnered so much heat for him. It was the 'si se puede' slide at the end of his powerpoint presentation when he was rolling the initiative out that was offensive to some and also his participation in the Gilded 36 issue that he never ever wants to talk about with reporters or anyone.

--Wish Edley would talk directly about the conversation the UC Regents had on the lack of diversity and the online move- but from a different direction. Watching the UC Regents meeting last week where diversity or lack of diversity of faculty was raised first in the agenda order (and some blamed the lack of diversity on the deans etc.)-- the UC Regents then said 'oh it is great to talk about diversity first-- now let's talk about online because it is soo related'-- but what they failed to acknowledge, and what Edley does not talk about, is that the UC has failed/refuse to move on diversity for DECADES (see Regent Island's comments, see Regent Ruiz's comments, see Regent Lozano's comments, see Regent Stein's comments on this) how is a UC system with a long history of resistance to diversity going to approach online differently from the 'for-profit-exploiting-minorities-population-model', they don't say?

They took up these issues last Wednesday...

Once again, you can watch the UC Regents meeting on demand video here. and the TV Guide/agenda items are here.

also this from SJ Merc and Reason has take on Jerry Brown.

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