Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One person took a class."It's taking longer than we'd hoped" for the $4.3 million marketing effort to take off, admitted Keith Williams, interim director of UC Online, which is open to enrolled students and anybody outside the university.

See: UC Online Courses Fail To Lure Outsiders
and, UC Retirees Stripped of Benefits Get a Leg Up "It's not the same coverage, not the same benefits, and it's at higher cost than if they continued to be part of the University of California plan," said Grunschlag, of Carter, Carter, Fries and Grunschlag. "The UC is a huge institution with many thousands of employees of all ages so the premiums and cost are spread over lots of age groups. What happened here, and one of the reasons here that our clients are upset, is they are now in a pool of old folks whose insurance is being priced just on that group."
"While the Regents argued that this passage does not apply to medical benefits, "our take on it was that this just another statement that shows that once you are entitled to getting a pension then you are also vested in the right to get health insurance," Grunschlag said.
The three-justice panel agreed with the retirees unanimously.
"In essence, the Regents argue that because retirees have not produced the evidence that will prove their case, we need not accept the truth of the allegations in the FAP," Presiding Justice Barbara Jones wrote for the court, abbreviating first amended petition. "The cases the Regents cite in support of this rather extraordinary argument do not come close to supporting it."

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