Sunday, January 6, 2013


"If we have to intervene, we should be doing the research now, because these ideas are extremely complicated and extremely risky," said Jane Long, a former associate director at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "I hope we never have to do it, but I think it's irresponsible not to understand as much as we possibly can in case we need it."

Critics, however, argue that scientists are talking about tinkering with a system they don't fully understand. Altering the clouds could affect rainfall patterns, with potentially devastating consequences, they say.

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In response to a L'il Hoover "peripheral" question posed about increasing minority enrollment at UC, UCOP's Dooley spoke about the high circulation rates of SF Chinese newspapers (and "peripherally" mentioned vague New America media effort on this non- peripheral issue) exclusively, perhaps this story on Duke was foremost in his mind. --ancient background from 2011 here.
Some Google people will be at that closed door Hennessy, Birgeneau, Berdahl, U. Michigan Regents meeting in LA, see this latest story from Inside Higher Ed has on the latest questions around Google.
all the talk about how online higher ed 'is like'/'can be like' the music industry...

"To borrow an analogy from the music industry, universities have previously sold education in an “album” package—the four-year bachelor’s degree in a certain major, usually coupled with a core curriculum. The trend for the future will be more compact, targeted educational certificates and credits, which students will be able to pick and choose from to create their own academic portfolios."

-envisioning profs talks on Pollstar and cross-marketed through Youtube etc. and all that...
One of these things
namely,something like this thing
something like that thing
--is not like the other.
It looks like one effort involves musings, retelling by a sort of renaissance person and collector, and the other is an effort to impart...
(Knowledge can be imparted, can't it? ugh.)
gaining a full understanding of that--can sometimes be
Against All Odds.

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