Friday, January 11, 2013

Regents Agenda Again...and more

reminder: UC Regents Agenda for Jan 15-17 meeting

UCLA Fac Blog has a post on quick reactions and summary of the Gov. presser on the CA state budget for 2013-14

Bob Samuels wrote: The Governor, The Budget and UC Online Education

And, C-SPAN Special on College Costs & Student Loan Debts (they also did a call in session with callers who are ed admins,students and Pro Publica).
In the talk they also recommend developing a set of legislative recommendations for the 2013 renewal of the Higher Education Act. They suggest talking to your local representatives about what you would like to see in it. (Also, Duncan's National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity etc.)

(C-Span also has K-12 stuff if you are into that, core standards etc.)

Interesting quote of the week:
Chris Hedges on Regents at MIT (a bit from a longer talk mentioned earlier.)

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