Saturday, January 12, 2013


But apparently,for the 20mm folks, not so simple to post the archive of the live 20mm stream... - it is still not up for viewing. (but they have posted loads of pictures of people sitting at prestigious UCLA tables during the conference, which, of course,-- is most important.)

There is also this:

"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 10, 2012 CONTACT: Mayra Lombera 20 Million Minds Foundation 626-396-7071
20 Million Minds President Dean Florez Responds to Governor Brown's Push for Online Innovations in Higher Education

Former Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez, President and CEO of the 20 Million Minds Foundation,applauded Governor Jerry Brown’s allocation of dedicated higher education funding for online course and ed-tech program development in his proposed California State Budget released this morning."The Governor is simply recognizing a simple fact. The Internet has transformed retail, advertising, journalism,music, movies and communication markets. Like these industries, much of higher education is built upon content and communication. Prices have plummeted in other industries, yet costs for higher education continue to rise dramatically.""The opportunity to expand access into our higher education systems by using new enhanced online tools blended with our most effective faculty will not only cut costs, but give our students tools they are already using" stated Florez, “Governor Brown understands this implicitly and he is pushing our antiquated systems of higher education to simply acknowledge the economics of the internet.""The Governor is simply saying that by applying the simple economic principles of the internet, California colleges could leverage the quality of the best professors to teach many more students. The Governor has already called for institutional “disruption” asking higher education leaders to seek innovative ways to reduce costs by taking into account “the harsh reality of the marketplace and technologies.” Today, he put his money where his mouth is with a $10 million dollar investment in online education so we can provide sophisticated massive online platforms that are currently distributing educational content to anyone who wants to learn."Working closely with Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg last year, 20 Million Minds was a key supporter of the senator’s groundbreaking open education resources (OER) legislation. SB 1052 and SB 1053, which Brown signed into law in 2012, place California in a position to lead the nation in the creation and implementation of innovative strategies for incorporating technology into higher education curriculum, while reducing the cost-burden to students and keeping abreast of advancements in today’s global economy.Continuing to shape the discussion in 2013, 20 Million Minds sponsored the Rebooting California Higher Education symposium earlier this week, bringing together an impressive array of state, ed-tech, faculty, and administrative leadership from across the nation. Participants examined and debated the dire need to integrate technologically advanced programs such as online courses and OER in the interest of providing accessible, quality, low-cost education at a time when courses are severely impacted and students are unable to get in to the classes they need to attain the necessary degrees to join the workforce.“Governor Brown’s push to advance high-tech solutions to the crisis facing California’s higher education system is exemplary,” further emphasized Florez.
P.S. take a look at the right hand column mid page here at HuffPo "No One Wants To Take An Online Course From The University Of California"-- it links to this story. The caption and photo in the college section is not so great PR for UC. whoa- HuffPo just changed the headline to "Guv: Silicon Valley Leaving University In The Dust"...

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