Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“The language we use when talking about the university must be honest and clear,” he said in a recent interview. “Words like ‘quality’ have no apparent meaning that is obvious. These are internally defined to meet institutional needs rather than societal objectives.”

a legacy covered by the NYT:
In California, Son Gets Chance to Restore Luster to a Legacy

His plea that faculty members, particularly at the University of California, teach more undergraduate classes has been met with resistance, with one trustee fretting that doing so would “turn this place into a junior college in about 15 years.” Faculty members say that requiring more teaching would take away from crucial research areas, which will bring in roughly $5 billion this year.

“You can talk abstractly about faculty teaching more, but that begs the question of what you give up by requiring them to teach more,” said Daniel Dooley, the senior vice president for external relations for the University of California. Mr. Dooley, who worked in Mr. Brown’s first administration in the 1970s, has had several conversations with the governor about the state colleges.

“The old days of the social compact with the state is gone,” Mr. Douglass said. “It seems clear that it will not come back.”

There is also the Republican legacy of his unpaid (but most) senior staffer to consider as well- a flashback from the WaPo--"I do want to vote for him in the primary in California." -- it might be good to find out what she thinks of public higher ed in CA... "Anne Gust Brown, 52, of Oakland, has been appointed Special Counsel in the Office of the Governor. This position does not require Senate confirmation and Gust Brown will serve with no compensation. Gust Brown is a Democrat."

Everybody's a Dem these days-- but what does that mean?

and where does the UC Faculty $5 Billion in research this year number come from? is there a breakdown?

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