Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Pepper, The Millions

Davis Enterprise: "In all, the settlement and hiring of outside consultants and investigators have cost UC and UCD upwards of $2 million, not including legal fees for cases involving first the police union and later newspapers over the release of officer names in the reports."
"As part of the settlement, the representative plaintiffs will each receive written apologies from Chancellor Linda Katehi. In an interview with The Enterprise published on the one-year anniversary of the pepper-spraying, Katehi said that she had been giving some thought to what she would write.

“I need to send an important message to our students: An event like that should not being a learning event for some, it should be a learning event for all. I don’t know how I’m going to say that, but that’s how I’m thinking about it,” she said."

other coverage of it:
AP/Daily Democrat which notes " University officials have said funds for the settlement will come from UC's self-insurance program, which has about $600 million in reserves."

Daily Bruin: "In exchange for the settlement, the demonstrators agree not to pursue further legal action against the regents and anyone working under their direction in connection to the pepper spray incident."

and IndyBay with lots of background and docs as part of the coverage.

and Davis Vanguard coverage, too.

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