Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Students Got 15 minutes For 20mm...

Warholian Face Time?
Daily Bruin: Daily Bruin covered 20mm event
Lots of tech glitches for the first hour of that 20mm conference live stream. Too many vendors had their folks trolling the online chat and some faculty comments were removed from the chat unnecessarily. Is this their vision of online?
One moderator tried to make big generalizations in concluding remarks that some on the panel did not agree with, but you could not hear the objections- the panel microphones were not standard panel mics, they were handheld mics...
The final head moderator said that someone needed to 'storify' the event because 'the UC Regents would need the storify version'. The Daily Bruin's last paragraph also picks up on the organizers of 20mm's interest in having that event for the purposes of 'giving UC Regents a full view of online'... It's true the UC Regents will not be able to cover it all in the 2 hours they have set for the meeting next week, but they need full and complete discussion with all stakeholders.

One other thing: the college bowl style set up of two separate panel tables at each corner facing out to the audience- with faculty on one side and industry on the other - was HORRIBLE.

Will try to watch the full thing uninterrupted- once they archive the conference and post it- but who knows when that will be...
Daily Nexus: Classes Inundated With Crashers As Winter Quarter Commences - is the 'crashing' different now, happening in more classes? there has always been this sort of thing...just want to add - it has also been called "shopping" as in shopping the prof who actually shows up on the first day of instruction and shopping the syllabi that lists number of tests, reports and other items.
The Aggie: Student Regent Jonathan Stein and Student Regent-designate Cinthia Flores went on a UC-wide tour to educate students about Proposition 30 and what it means to the UC system this past month. The two came to UC Davis on Friday as part of this tour.

The turnout was abysmal. Less than half of the seats were filled for the conference.

and a piece titled: "One Year Later"
UC Irvine readies for Campus Climate stuff
The Prodigy:
California Watch Implores San Joaquin Valley Students to 'Challenge All Assumptions'
The Highlander
White ties a bow on his time at UC

and a story on student loans
City On A Hill In Pursuit of Universal Education UCSC aims to meet Hispanic-Serving Institution criteria in face of budget challenges
The Guardian:
Las Vegas Cancer Center to Shut Down
UCSD administrators announced their decision to close the Las Vegas Nevada Cancer Center after struggling to keep the 142,000-foot center open for almost a year.

Major Changes for Administrative Personnel in 2013
Heads of Scripps Institution and Jacobs School departing marks year of administrative turnover.

Good News re: The Arts
It would be nice if the Synapse would try to tackle an important topic like this one.

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