Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UC Online, MOOCs and different takes on 'the leadership'

there is this from Daily Cal: Financial Uncertainty Clouds Future of UC Online Education
While online education at the university has not lived up to financial expectations, its success as a teaching model has seen increased efficiency and a higher quality of instruction, both of which lead to indirect financial gains, according to Fox.

“The number of students who have failed and had to retake courses has dropped dramatically,” Fox said. “They graduate faster. They get into the workforce faster. Every part of (the online) equation points to cheaper, just not in the microscopic sense.”

Public Us and MOOCs at Inside Higher Ed

The educational idea is that this offering will encourage more students to start degree programs. The financial idea is that the tuition revenue gained by participating institutions when students move from the MOOC to the rest of the program (which will continue to charge tuition) will offset the additional costs of offering the first course free.

Among the first universities planning to make the debut course in their online programs a MOOC are Arizona State, Cleveland State, Florida International, Lamar and Utah State Universities and the Universities of Arkansas, Cincinnati, Texas at Arlington and West Florida.
One concern of many colleges and universities has been about what to do when their own students ask for credit for MOOCs that they took from other institutions. The issue is likely to grow because it is so common -- in an era when students transfer or stop in and out of various colleges -- for students to receive credit for work done elsewhere. But MOOCs were created as non-credit courses.
Changing Universities- "The Udacity of Hope- Leadership in the Age of Austerity"
UT system on Mark Yudof resigning as UC president

UC System spokeswoman Brooke Converse said Yudof was offered a dual appointment as both the president of the UC System and a professor at the UC Berkeley School of Law.
Yudof’s resignation came with what he calls “a spate of taxing health issues” and a need to “make a change in my professional lifestyle.” Converse said that it is “possible he has other reasons” but she said she could not speak for him personally.
Randa Safady, vice chancellor for external relations at the UT System, said despite Yudof’s challenges, he leaves a lasting legacy.

“While there were periods of tumultuous activity during his leadership [at UC], I think the history books will refer to Mark Yudof as one of the greatest academic leaders of all time, both in California and in Texas,” Safady said in an email.

Jerry Brown Reigns In Political Arena -- Carla Marinucci mentions his similarity to Newt Gingrich...

and folks at UC Berkeley on the Governor: "It's been a long time since any governor has been riding this high," said Ethan Rarick, director of UC Berkeley's Matsui Center at the Institute of Governmental Studies. "I'd say that Jerry Brown 2.0 has disproved skeptics every step of the way. If the economy goes south, they'll come back. But for now, it's hard to see how you could've done better than he's done."

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