Friday, January 18, 2013

UC President Mark Yudof To Step Down

V: some are interpreting the "returning to teaching law at UC Berkeley" to mean that Yudof taught at UC Berkeley prior to becoming UC President-- don't think that he ever taught at UC Berkeley as regular faculty in his career prior to his becoming UC President- but maybe- think they are just trying to say that he is returning to teaching and that now he will do that at UC Berkeley- like Dynes with his lab at Cal, etc. ...
IV: In SJ Merc News Gov Brown "Brown also released a brief statement about the news. "Mark Yudof has a deep understanding of the university and he effectively dealt with some difficult problems. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him." and there is this from SF Chron -UC Regents Respond To Governor-it also can read as sort of hostile to practicing Christians-so, that caveat- but informative on Prop 30 and UC.

III: San Francisco Chronicle On Yudof Resigning
in reading all of the mentions of stepping down for health reasons--reminded of the Cal city planning student at last Thursday's UC Regents meeting who said in public comment that his SHIP student health insurance program was so inadequate that his last chemo session was interrupted by billing...and he faced an ongoing battle over insurance when he was fighting for his life.
and, Daily Cal on what they call the "mixed legacy"

Update II: check out a series of stories at LA Times first, On Yudof Quitting and An Op-Ed Called UC's Reputation During and After Mark Yudof, which should be a book, not an op ed.
and, Likely Tuition Hike for Grad Students

Update: Policy On Appointment Of A New UC President
Daily Cal has the detail here.

this is not a hoax -he says he is coming to Cal to hang around Boalt...

Here goes his full statement from UCOP

abc coverage same as Huff Po coverage namely AP

Mercury News coverage

KQED coverage

Sac Bee covering it

Had a sense that something was up when the facebook and the twitter frequency went down next to nil in July 2012-his illness and family illness etc.- and then Regent Schilling's comments about leadership in her goodbye talk on Thursday where she also directed some heat at the Governor over his comments on compensation were a tell that something was up. Or, maybe all wrong on this and he didn't tell anyone 'til today-- but doubt it.

How do they conduct a satisfactory search for the next UC President?

It is kind of strange he sends out the "This Is No Time To Be Timid" statement and then immediately follows it with the "I Am Resigning" message...

he does not directly mention the alumni in his statement

ah, the PR.
Mostly just thinking of the woman in public comment on Wednesday or Thursday at UC Regents meeting who said something like 'Mark Yudof works here for five to seven years and gets a $300,000 + a year pension and I work here for 30 years and will be lucky to get close to $2000 a month in retirement'. I don't think she cares if he steps down or not - I think she just wants the place to be run fairly. And, it isn't.

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