Thursday, January 17, 2013

UC Regents Thurs Meeting Begins 8:30am PST

Find the agenda and details on how to connect here

the UC Regents started their meeting an hour late this morning- apparently jus' cuz...

Governor Brown and Lt Gov Newsom are present for the meeting today

Importantly, Speaker Perez is at the meeting today and is making critically important comments at length-- Governor Brown is now speaking at length after Perez.

UC frequently likes to run around to think tanks and other places and tout how UC loans the State of California money-- but UC does not talk about their 20 year holiday on their retirement management and other issues that Perez and Brown are now reminding them of in detail and at length.

if you are a Californian who cares about California you should watch this meeting at some point soon.

also, if you are a UCSF patient or a student who needs your SHIP account you might want to listen to the disturbing/shocking/very sad public comments that were made at the beginning of today's UC Regents meeting.

Chair Lansing, the Gov and others have finally realized they need to thank the unions for their support for Prop 30 today... way late - just like the start of the UC Regents meeting today.

Now Blum comes across as bein' rude to Gov-- callin' him "Jerry", tellin' him "I hope you're listening" to me and Blum completely avoiding his role in hiring Dynes and the compensation scandals of that time and continuing... Blum wants to cut staff at UCOP and at campuses more and thinks the world of Taylor, Brostrom, Lentz (noticed Blum was getting cranky when Yudof walked past him and he had Yudof bend down and talked his ear off for several minutes - so you could see this coming.) And, a US Senator should not be thrilled with having their spouse talk about them the way Blum is injecting her into the conversation this morning.

Yudof is drinking a load of soft drinks this morning...

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