Thursday, January 10, 2013

UC Tuition Hikes Anyway?

CA Governor Brown Press Conference On State Budget 2013-14-- UC comes up most at 26:30 mark.
Get Adobe Flash player _____________________________________________________________________ Update Sac Bee: "The spending plan Brown released this morning calls for small increases to education funding in a $97.7 billion general fund budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1 but generally holds the line elsewhere. The governor's budget will give each state university system an extra $250 million. The addition is not as much as the University of California and California State University had hoped, so it remains to be seen whether university officials will pursue tuition hikes. As part of his plan, Brown will demand each system cap the number of classes that students can take at 150 percent of what is necessary to complete most degrees - 270 quarterly units at UC and 180 semester units at CSU. That cap will shrink further after two years. Students could continue taking classes but would have to pay full price rather than the subsidized in-state rates. The governor believes this will force more students to finish on time and free up resources." Maybe not 'austerity forever' LA Times: Gov. predicts surplus next year __ Original: earlier the LA Times had this: "The University of California and California State University systems were each promised at least $125 million more this year. Brown wants to tie some future funding to graduation rates and acceptance of transfer students from the state's community colleges. Brown also wants the universities to more aggressively embrace online teaching, which he says could reduce the need for higher student fees. University officials, who have bristled at many of those suggestions, are already saying the promised money is not enough. The University of California has said tuition hikes are likely unless state funding is increased by more than $400 million, a number the governor has said is unrealistic." See CA Higher Ed Budget Summary --hearing it ends up being $297 million-- not the $400 million stated above- so,.... Now, the Governor's press conference on the CA 2013-14 Budget, including many comments about UC at the 25:00 mark- it is still a live stream right now (at 11:10am PST) and the Gov has moved away from the podium but the link will archive and you can view the Governor's comments in full at that time. He said to UC "Deploy your teaching resources more effectively." That his first concern is education. That the fundamental predicate is fiscal discipline. Both university systems must emphasize teaching and learning of undergraduate students as first priority. He said that he is developing his relationships at UC, CSU by attending meetings and that some things are "in the embryonic stage" with regard to changes he wants to make at the universities- he is approaching it "with diplomacy". He once again reiterated his belief that he holds the title of "President of the Regents" at UC-- that is something different from saying that he is president of UC which is a job currently held by Mark Yudof. The Gov recently completed his cancer treatment says he is ready to go. He will deliver the State of the State on Jan 24th.
Also see Changing Universities: The Governor, The UC Budget, And Online Education and SF Chron has this: The governor also proposed spending increases for the University of California and California State University systems. Both were guaranteed $125 million because of the passage of Prop. 30 and a deal struck last year to avoid tuition increases in the current school year if the measure was approved. In addition to those funds, Brown proposed giving each university system $125 million. Both systems had requested increases above the guaranteed Prop. 30 money of several hundred million dollars, with CSU officials wanting $372 million more and UC asking for $292 million more. UC officials have said that tuition and fees will increase if they don't get about $127 million of what they requested.

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