Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Udacity, Gov. Brown and Cal State System

go in big, see NYT California To Give Web Courses A Big Trial:
"Dr. Thrun said that the new approach being pursued by Udacity came in response to a phone call from Mr. Brown. “For me this started cold turkey with a call from the California governor who said, ‘Hey Sebastian, we have a crisis in the state.’ ”
“My personal opinion is that it’s not by accident that this is being announced at a time when most faculty are not on campus, but I have no evidence for that,” said Preston Rudy, a sociology professor at San Jose State who serves as vice president of the chapter. “I don’t know enough about Udacity to take any position, but over all, I know the university is concerned about who will teach courses if they go online, who has control, and whether they will be university employees.”

The Udacity deal could blunt some faculty opposition, because the effort will continue to involve professors — but it will also use online course assistants, or “mentors,” hired and trained by Udacity."

just a hunch this might be a topic floating around the UC Regents meeting this week.
And, Remaking The University has a new look and this new post: "Addressing the Austerity Lock-in at Public Universities"

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