Friday, February 1, 2013

The BS of Belonging

The Benefits BS of Belonging

UC SHIP considers raising premiums to close $57 million deficit

A report released on Jan. 11 by Alliant Insurance Services, an actuarial firm hired to consult for UC SHIP management, said that UC SHIP has accumulated a projected $57 million deficit throughout the 2010-13 plan years.

Bahar Navab, Graduate Assembly president and UC Berkeley representative on the UC SHIP advisory board, said that the UC Office of the President is recommending student premiums be increased by an average of 25 percent for the 2013-14 plan year. The report suggests increasing premiums for UC Berkeley students by 19.8 percent as well as similar increases at other UC campuses.

UC employee labor union protests contract negotiations
The group gathered partially in response to changes to the UC employee pension plan. Starting in July, the university is enacting a two-tiered plan. Employees hired on or after July 1 will receive pension benefits different from those afforded to current employees. Current employees will be expected to give 6.5 percent of their salaries to the pension plan as of the July start date, as compared to the 5 percent they gave last year. New employees will pay 7 percent.
and at UCLA too
Where is the data on UC Staff diversity?
recall a week back when applications for admissions press releases where out all over the place? they pointed to this page.
(Why do they pair up the student and staff data anyway?)
If you scroll further down they claim to have staff information-- but if you click on the links -- you are directed to the home page of 'At Your Service' -- generic benefits and employee relations home pages --but no data on staff displays, no link to tables like the incoming applications to be UC students. Why? It would be interesting to see how the administrative bloat breaks down... also the payroll trends when compared with race and gender... but no data displayed. In fact, it looks like this information was once available years ago-- but the archive has been removed and current figures completely unavailable.

Is there something missing, overlooked, is there a URL out there that displays this?

and even with the diversity title this certainly doesn't...

Is central administration trying to bury the stats on its current staff?
Steven Chu is resigning as energy secretary.

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