Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yudof: "I've been the head of two other universities and I never had a board meeting closed down by protesters until I came to the University of California. California has a more robust 1st Amendment tradition and that's fine."

The LA Times has a conversation with Departing UC President Yudof

On Governor Brown:
"Gov. Jerry Brown suddenly became active in UC policies and Mark Yudof resigns. Is there any connection?

There is really no connection because I've been pondering [resignation] for a long time. The governor is extraordinarily intelligent, he is extraordinarily passionate. It does require some energy to respond to his ideas, but I'm fine with that. That would not be a reason to move on. If anything, I have some confidence that out of this passion of the governor, some very positive things for the university can come."

Other nuggets:

On the next UC President: "And it could well turn out to be someone within UC, but at this time I would say 55-45 [percent] it would be someone from the outside."

"I've even suggested joint departments where one department can cover two campuses. But it has to be done very carefully."

"The days of building new brick-and-mortar campuses may well be over."

"I don't expect [chancellors] to work for the same salaries you pay an executive assistant...." UUGGHH
soon to be former Energy Sec. Steven Chu to head to the UC Davis Westwood Village Project and find out WTH is goin' on?!

It could happen...but maybe not for the UCLA grand hotel potential boondoogle...
Education leaders debate the future of public higher education in California with President Mark G. Yudof of the University of California system, Chancellor Timothy Peter White of the California State Universities and Colleges, and Chancellor Brice W. Harris of the California Community Colleges -it runs about 48 minutes.

UC Regents Meeting again in Sacto in May--looks like it according to the meetings and agenda calendar...

all of the other meetings this year will occur at UCSF Mission Bay

which is weird-- recall that UCSF wants out-- what kind of message does it send to hold all meetings at UCSF?
This is an interesting story given what POTUS once called the textbook 'racket'...

and an op ed on: UC Research Should Be Free.

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