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see this from Jake Tapper's CNN show w/ comments at the end on the supposed importance of a refined google algorithm used for hiring new employees-- gives less weight to school and degree and more weight to internet activities of applicants
Obama on student loans and the July deadline...
a more interesting way of talking about the whole 'Lean In' biz - and it is a biz (Mika says she was talkin' about it before Sheryl, Suze was talkin' about it before both of 'em-- and others were talkin' about it more in depth long before)
UC and the trees and herbacide...
"Q: How will the environment be protected during application of a herbicide?

A: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service concluded that the use of herbicides is not likely to adversely affect either the endangered Alameda whipsnake nor the California red legged frog, and the National Marine Fisheries Services concluded there would be no adverse impact to fish or aquatic life proximate to the project areas. Strict best-management practices, rules and regulations will be followed at all times to ensure the application of herbicide is consistent with the hundreds of rules that regulate their use. These measures are fully outlined in the"... read the thing.

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Lose the Op Eds and Get A Plan

this is really tired- another 'UCOP bad, campuses good' Op Ed.
Cut From The Top To Save UC
The search for a new University of California president offers an opportunity to slim down the office's labyrinthine bureaucracy.

Could we please see a plan- not a white paper, not an op ed- a plan...which requires getting buy-in and, um, yes, is more difficult to conceive of -and to put in to action...oh...&%$#.
If You Need A Recharge...(no, not a UC admin type of recharge) - this:

A Story of Self, A Story of Us
By Marshall Ganz, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Moyers is an Okie,too.

Do you believe this?

Birgeneau "interviewed" by his PR team: " I was recruited for the job in an extraordinarily brief period of time — the entire recruitment process, from when I agreed to be a candidate to when I was offered the position, was slightly less than 48 hours. The president of the system, Bob Dynes — whom I knew well — called me up and said, “You don’t have to commit to being a candidate — just come and talk to the committee. ”

That was on a Wednesday. I flew out on Thursday, and my interview was at 8 o’clock Friday morning. I am a reasonably competitive person, so I presented myself to the committee as someone who very much wanted the position. Coming to Berkeley would have required me to leave the presidency in Toronto after four years, and I did not feel good about that. Basically, I had not finished what I wanted to do in Toronto. On the Friday afternoon, I was on a Hertz shuttle bus [at Logan Airport], heading to our home in Boston where Mary Catherine was waiting, when the phone rang. It was the head of the search firm, offering me the position."
" A fair fraction of our faculty did not believe, when the first big budget cuts came, that we could both maintain our excellence and continue to be committed to the goals of equity and inclusion, for example, by providing the kind of financial aid that we do to low-income students."
"Thus, initially our internationalization had nothing to do with money. In fact, when I started to push for an increase in the percentage of international students, I did not even understand the financial implications. In particular, I did not know what the tuition was for out-of-state and international students at that time. My motivation was entirely educational."

The "Fake It 'til You Make It" Approach

-these comments of Sheryl Sandberg feel disturbing (albeit this is a limited clip and maybe she gives lots of caveats in advance, hope so) re: don't worry about being fully qualified, sit at the table, don't wait 'til you meet 100% of criteria- you're qualified to be CEO etc.. (and if HuffPo uses her picture again as the face of "struggling working mothers" news stories... serious hurling will ensue)
Cal's Jennifer Granholm also spoke- but no video.

View more videos at:

the event (different from the Long Beach based Women's Conference and Minerva Awards program Maria Shriver ran when she was First Lady)...was created 24 years ago by Jackie Speier...

we have been trying to find out if Speier's legislation during her time in office in the CA State Senate led to the loophole that did damage to UC whistleblowers rights, or not -- there also was legislation created that same year by Jerome Horton, then a member of the CA Assembly, not sure which piece of leg. led to "loophole" discussed here:"The ruling uncovered an oversight made by the Legislature when the Act was amended in 2001,"- pls leave a comment if you have info on history/can confirm which piece of legislation led to the "loophole".

Is this 'Fake It 'til You Make It Education'?

Ten State Universities Join With Online Education Provider
The goal is to provide the public universities with “a set of trajectories and pathways that increase capacity and increase access” for students, Koller said.

The institutions are the State University of New York, the University of Tennessee, the Tennessee Board of Regents (which oversees other public campuses in that state), University of Colorado system, University of Houston system, University of Kentucky, University of Nebraska, University of New Mexico, University System of Georgia and West Virginia University System.

Several University of California campuses already offer non-credit classes through the for-profit Coursera and through rival edX, a nonprofit based in Massachusetts. Some Cal State schools have for-credit courses through edX and Udacity, another for-profit online provider in Silicon Valley.

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Jack Vance- Born in San Francisco, Vance graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1942.

Jack Vance Dead: Award-Winning Mystery, Fantasy And Science Fiction Author Dies At 96

Paying Back Berkeley Postdoctoral Scholars

"Last year, we became aware that the university was telling one group of postdocs — the vast majority of whom are recent immigrants on guest worker visas — that they must pay the university’s share of their health care plan or purchase coverage independently on the open market. This is in direct violation of the contract that our union and the university negotiated, agreed to and signed.

UC’s decision took hundreds — and in some cases, thousands— of dollars out of the pockets of these researchers each month and forced many to forgo health coverage altogether. Some were not able to cover their children, and several postdocs with pregnant spouses were told that they had to pay more than $700 a month for the same plan that other postdocs were paying less than $40 per month for."

Why Is UCOP Using DailyCal

as a: negotiations tool/leverage in their fight with unions regarding UC Medical Centers?
(UC Berkeley does not have a large formal medical center- like UCSF, Davis etc. UCOP has its own website, media etc.)

there is this earlier op ed -for the other side of things:
Pushing back for patient care
Union president explains recent UC patient care worker strike

Monday, May 27, 2013

Play Mnemosyne for Memorial Day

Birgeneau On The "Parochial" Student Mindset At Cal..on the record, but off the record.
The other night a longer version of this 'interview' with Robert Birgeneau aired in its entirety. It included his recollection of the protest at University House and a section where Birgeneau talks about his surprise over how 'parochial'(?!) some Cal students are with regard to their position on California resident admissions at Cal. The video archive version does not include this longer extensive comment on resident admissions. The short version interview aired first-and that was the version that was also conveniently put out at UC Berkeley's 'news'center page. (We recall he previously contrasted and compared Cal to Toronto etc. using the term "sophistication" --as in Toronto is more sophisticated than Cal as a result of international student admissions- so, this does not deviate much from those earlier comments he made...)

Some things really stood out on the second longer interview that aired:

The reporter, in this case Jessica Aguirre, (who wears a green dress to intro the piece in the short version and an orange dress to intro the long version- and she wears a blue dress while conducting the interview itself-should you want to keep track of the different versions of the interview if/when the longer version becomes available) repeatedly uses the term "the violence" and "the violent protests" in recounting Birgeneau's time as chancellor. But "the violence" term and "responses to protests" term are never linked together. In fact, the term "responses to protests" does not seem to be used at all. They didn't include a clip of what Stephen Colbert called the "crunchy"...-- but the show did include extensive comments from Birgeneau where he does a retelling of one earlier protest and they include images of broken planters at the Chancellor's House/University House (remember that event that his PR folks said deeply affected him while they also said it was not in his mind at all when deciding the baton use at later protests?- perhaps b/c then it might appear...maybe a form of revenge?). Birgeneau does not discuss or respond to questions on the events of any of the other protests in the interview...

The show also tied international students acceptance rates and the DREAM Act efforts in with each other-- a lumping together that does not do justice to covering those separate issues involving Cal/UC admissions.

They did included footage/several angles of the reporter walking through California Hall with Birgeneau as they smiled at each other and looked at art work...that's how they used the air time.

Four minutes to discuss Cal leadership over the last nine years...
-that's why the msm reviews of UC legacy are always so incomplete and pointless.

(Oh well, hopefully soon maybe-the 'Class Action Show' folks at least put out the full version of the interview. And, not everything on that show is annoying: CA Students Miss Out On Major Financial Aid?!)

As a reminder on rib cages, nudging, and commitments to diversity etc. see:

Other things the interview could have covered as a review of legacy, a few immediately come to mind:
Robert Birgeneau Knew Of Baton Use By Campus Police And Made No Objection, Emails Reveal (2012)

Diversity Urged At UC Berkeley Engineering School (2012)

UC Berkeley Chancellor Interjects Politics Into Arizona Tragedy (2011)

Cal basketball: NCAA Slaps Bears With Two Years Probation-Due To "Staff's Neglect" (2011)(coincidentally, this happened during a time when Birgeneau claimed a great friendship with the head of the NCAA)

UC Berkeley's Endowment Seating Program Doesn't Quite Add Up -The Campus's Plan to Go Into Debt to Retrofit Memorial Stadium Is a Problematic Issue (2011)

Facing Title IX Pressure, Cal May Restore the Teams It Cut (2011)
(but he does now care if Missy Franklin has a private pool to train in... "a jewel in her crown" - btw, love the Olympics and hope she goes on to win many more medals, but just askin': shouldn't all athletes receive the same treatment?)

ACLU raises more concerns about procedures at UC Berkeley (2011)

Trashed At UC Berkeley, recyclables end up in the landfill, outdoor plazas are drowning in litter, and gardeners spend their days collecting garbage. Welcome to the world's greenest university. (2011) (could it possibly have anything to do with decreasing staff for OP EX?)

UC Becoming A Federal University, Chancellor Says (2011)

UC Berkeley Bloated, Wasteful, Consultants Say (2010)(that came out SIX years into his term in office)

Operational Mediocrity- Daily Californian (2010) (that came out SIX years into his term in office)

A Tangled Web At Berkeley by UC Santa Cruz Professor John Ellis (2009)

Union protest pre-empts chancellor's annual meeting with staff (2008)

Berkeley Chancellor's Perks Raise Eyebrows (2006)
there are many more similar stories we could have selected, anyway,
due to the above, in this case... Barbara Lee DOES NOT speak for me
At the end of this month's UC Regents meeting the UC Regents did the usual self congratulations and said goodbyes to regents w/ terms ending (Lansing tried to rush Yudof along in giving the staff advisor commemoration and then realized rushing maybe wasn't the right thing to do; and Jonathan Stein was given the 'best looking regent' treatment by fellow regent Bonnie Reiss- it made him appear extremely uncomfortable, lol.) UC Regent Blum gave the commemoration for Birgeneau-2:52 mark here- it was less than specifically effusive. Blum mentioned Pell grants stats frequently cited -everybody wants to make their bones off of Pell grant recipient rates, sigh...(Blum also said that in recent years Cal has become as volatile as it was in the sixties). It is likely the BS dial was set to maximum high when they did this same commemoration thing at the private and posh UC regents dinner in Sacramento (held the night before the final day of this month's UC Regents meeting)- with 'who knows who' on the guest list.
Daily Cal: The California Assembly passed a bill Monday allowing California community colleges to charge all students out-of-state tuition during summer and winter sessions, regardless of residency.
The bill, AB 955, would allow community colleges to raise tuition during their shorter intercessions — in the summer and over winter break — from $46 per unit to about $200 per unit. In the face of budget cuts beginning in 2008, many community colleges have had to cut sections from the most needed classes. Proponents of AB 955 hope that the increase in funds will allow colleges to create more sections and ensure students can graduate on time.

Assemblymember Das Williams, D-Santa Barbara, who authored the bill

Is it "parochial" to think this is the wrong way to go?
A post by Jennifer Ruth, Portland State University "When Tenure Track Faculty Take On The Problem of Adjunctification"
“For whatsoever from one place doth fall,
Is with the tide unto an other brought:
For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.”
― Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene

Paul Alpers, a longtime UC Berkeley English professor and the founding director of the UC Berkeley Townsend Center for the Humanities, passed away on Sunday after a battle with cancer. He was 80.
-- it also gets the mind to wondering about the Christ legacy at Cal...
UC law schools should: be in support of this work on legal clinics for veterans seeking support/services. (Memorial Day seems to be lacking or omitted from coverage today, btw.)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"the pretense of these Star Chambers"

From DailyCal: Students File Charges Against Campus for Sexual Assault Mishandling

Related to this NYT piece, it starts off like this: Pop quiz: what major felony should be investigated and adjudicated by amateurs, in secret, without subpoena powers, a right to representation, or any kind of due process controls?..."If student affairs professionals want to help victims, they can do that by helping victims, without the pretense of these Star Chambers."

Should there be a zero tolerance for domestic violence etc. at student housing? (mayors frequently use the zero tolerance tool): Parents of UC Berkeley student killed in drunk driving accident file lawsuit

UPDATE- lots more detail here, from Berkeleyside: Relatives of Fatal DUI Crash Victims File Lawsuit Against UC
"Attorneys say the abuse, which culminated in the fatal crash, was the result of an escalating pattern of racial and sexual harassment, and that UC should have been aware of what was going on, and both reported it and taken steps to stop it. They cite, in addition to violations of the Civil Rights Act, various types of negligence, as well as premises liability, infliction of emotional distress and assault and battery."

“I shouldn’t have been embarrassed at the sheer disorganization shown at commencement, I paid well over $100 for tickets just as many other people did,” Struck’s popular comment reads. “Where did those funds go?”

... said UC Berkeley student Greg Struck, who posted a comment in the UC Berkeley Class of 2013 Facebook page that has received nearly 100 “likes” and 86 responses by fellow students sharing similar experiences.

According to UC spokesperson Jose Rodriguez, the UC Berkeley university relations department is responsible for the overall organization of commencement and worked with the Senior Class Council and Intercollegiate Athletics on planning for the day.

Students frustrated by crowds at general commencement

If the administration is desperate to show off/pay for the stadium--at least make sure those graduating will enjoy the ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. (and, yes, it is 'once' even if they go on to grad school etc.)
California Hospital Strike: Thousands Picket At UC Davis Medical Center, Other Universities
"Clouds are among the biggest unknowns in understanding how climate works."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"University of California Board of Regents’ investment committee approved on Tuesday a significant reduction to its fixed-income exposure to 20% from 65% in its $4.7 billion Total Return Investment Pool."

covered here: University of California regents make sweeping asset allocation changes to 1 portfolio

University of California Board of Regents’ investment committee approved on Tuesday a significant reduction to its fixed-income exposure to 20% from 65% in its $4.7 billion Total Return Investment Pool.

Other changes include a new 20% allocation to cross-asset-class strategies, a new 10% allocation to opportunistic equity, a new 10% allocation to global REITs, a new 10% allocation to absolute-return strategies and a 7.5% new allocation to emerging markets equity.
see the short article for more info.

There was a UCLA hosted link to a live stream of the meeting, but it does not play anything post meeting. - and no video archive is posted anywhere either...another round of failure on the archiving and availability of UC Regents meetings via -pick any form video, audio, etc and insert here-.

mini non herbicide roundup

Update: By Robert Meister- Can Venture Capital Deliver on the Promise of the Public University?
“The Implications of Coursera’s For-Profit Business Model for Global Public Education.”

Robert Reich: Global Capital and the Nation State
Right-wing nationalist parties are gaining ground elsewhere in Europe as well. In the U.S., not only are Republicans sounding more nationalistic of late (anti-immigrant, anti-trade), but they continue to push "states rights" — as states increasingly battle against one another to give global companies ever larger tax breaks and subsidies.

Nothing could strengthen the hand of global capital more than such breakups.

Jerry Brown wants college students to graduate faster. But how? and his commencement speech at Cal
UC I's New University on UC Regents meeting
how does this play out at UC? whose daddy/mommy has bain connections? or career networking moves etc.-- what sort of booster and DINO behavior shows up as a result?: BuzzFeed on Bain and tactics oh, the Op Ex...
Is Google reading your bMail?

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May 21 UC Regents Committee on Investments Meeting

there is another UC Regents meeting on May 21 about investments see the full two page agenda.
UC Regent Kieffer also makes interesting comments about transfer students at the 1:15 mark here
contrast that with Zettel's comments about student athletes at the 2:53 mark here

Kieffer also has an important exchange with Birgeneau and Cal Admins at the 2:58:20 -mark about donations and academic/ instruction-- Birgeneau gives a flip endowed chairs response, and Regent M adds in something about Stanford. Thankful UC Regent Kieffer asked that question.
if you can do voice recognition easily here is audio of last week's UC Regents meeting:
The Complete Regents Meeting for Your Listening Enjoyment AND a Note About the Governor's Legitimate Question and the Absurd UC Response
- important point on what to do about micromanaging if UC doesn't like it coming from Sacramento...
When Adjunct Faculty Are The Tenure-Track's Untouchables

Saturday, May 18, 2013

In Sympathy?

LAT: Court will decide how many UC workers can strike
A judge is expected to rule on a request for a temporary restraining order limiting the number of workers who may take part in the walkout. According to UC officials, the focus is on workers considered essential for patient care.

The union representing nearly 13,000 patient healthcare workers has notified UC that it plans to strike from Tuesday at 4 a.m. to Thursday at 4 a.m. Several thousand others could participate in a “sympathy strike” Tuesday.

Stobo: “If union members are as concerned with patient safety as they claim, why strike?” he said."
UC SHIP at Cal: "Premiums for Berkeley SHIP 2013-14: Undergraduates $1007 per semester, Graduate students $1386 per semester" and more detail.

Friday, May 17, 2013

(Some) UC Students Grade CA Legislature

see: the coverage from Sac Bee says there were no A grades given
but we found three members who received A+ grades:
Tony Mendoza 56th District
Michael Rubio 16th District
Sandre Swanson 16th District

did the grades get changed or?... take a look for yourself.

"UC campuses have seen a greater change than others, Dorr said. For example, the four-year graduation rate at two neighboring campuses in Southern California is significantly different: The rate at UC Irvine has risen to nearly 70 percent, while the rate at UC Riverside remains barely above 40 percent."

isn't UCR where the CSU pulled their new head of their system from?
Brown asks UC officials to review graduation rates
it includes: The Democratic governor, acting in his official capacity as president of the Board of Regents, grilled UC Provost Aimee Dorr about the university system's graduation rates during a board meeting in Sacramento.
"You put all these charts and it looks like things are getting better, but if we don't know why they're getting better, then the chart isn't very useful," Brown said.
UC President Mark Yudof said any effort to improve those rates would come with the challenge of waiting four to six years to see whether students actually graduate sooner.
"We'll take a shot at it," Yudof said. "... But it's proven pretty elusive in higher education."

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bottle Necks, Safety Valves,Wake Up Calls...

Inside Higher Ed: Trying to 'Reset' Online Fight

"students' rights to access.”
While California students do not have an existing legal right of that sort, Feldstein’s rhetorical point is that framing the issue as a “right” might create a moral imperative to make sure students can get all the classes they need.

It centers around this report: The Right To Educational Access by two educational consultants

it is supposed to be a 'wake up call' for Gov. Brown...

"UC Berkeley has applied for the grant to destroy the bucolic Strawberry and Claremont Canyon areas, claiming that the trees pose a fire hazard. The school has no plans to replant, and instead will cover 20% of the area in wood chips two feet deep. And it will pour between 700 and 1400 gallons of herbicide to prevent re-sprouting, including the highly toxic herbicide, Roundup."

at this post: FEMA Plans Clear-Cutting 85,000 Berkeley and Oakland Trees

"This destructive plan is rapidly moving forward with little publicity, and FEMA cleverly scheduled its three public meetings for mid and late May while UC Berkeley students were in finals or gone for the summer."

Could Occupy the Farm turn to Occupy the Trees (again)?

Roundup, An Herbicide, Could Be Linked To Parkinson's, Cancer And Other Health Issues, Study Shows

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant: Our Critics Are Fueled By 'Elitism'

Are you just a bunch of damn elitists? Or, could the use of the potentially cancer producing herbicide just be a novel way to gain more business for UC medical centers? Yeah for the run off- the money would go to 'paying tuition for students- so, it's all good' that the approach?

This is the first we hear of the use of round up - prior to this it was fire danger mitigation by just chopping down mostly non native (but lovely scented) it looks like it is gearing up to be another PR mess.

UC Regents Meeting, May 16th - yesterday's Yudof White Paper, Brown's exasperation with UC Provost's report

once again, here's a link to the UC Regents meeting for Thursday.

what happened yesterday? well, LA Times gives a nice synopsis: Jerry Brown urges UC to stress graduating students in 4 years-The California governor addresses UC regents. He recently proposed giving UC and Cal State more money if they boost graduation rates 10% by 2017.
it includes:
Brown, who attended part of the regents' meeting, expressed exasperation with Dorr's many statistics, what he implied was her lack of solid solutions and her lecture-like presentation. "This was a good first semester," Brown said, with a touch of anti-academic humor. "But I want to get to the second semester" for answers.

He urged UC to stop citing the six-year rate, which is widely used by the federal government and other schools. "For me the four year is the norm," he said. And he asked UC to examine why various UC campuses have better rates than others and why a number show improvements in some years and not in others. He said he wanted to know if that might be caused by factors within UC or "in the outside world."

Brown also wants UC to explore whether faculty teach enough undergraduate courses, among other issues. UC leaders say they might reduce the number of requirements for some majors and bolster summer school offerings and counseling.

and on Yudof: Earlier, in a kind of valedictory report as his five years in office nears an end, UC President Mark G. Yudof described the 10-campus UC system as emerging from recession with its high academic prestige intact. But he warned that it needed to figure out ways to lower costs. He intends to leave his UC post in August and a search is underway for his successor.
and they give a link to Yudof's white paper: report on UC and Higher Ed trends

Sacramento Bee on the Regents cool reception of Brown's push:
"We are searching for ways to, as they say in the business world, align the incentives," Brown said to the University of California's governing Board of Regents, who were meeting Wednesday at the Sacramento Convention Center. "I don't like that phrase, but we are searching for ways to push people along."

Regent Eddie Island pushed back, saying that a focus on how long it takes students to graduate could force UC to be even choosier in who it admits.

"There is data there that would suggest we can instantly improve time to graduation if we become more selective. Smarter kids graduate faster. We know that," Island said. "That isn't what we want to do, necessarily."
Birgeneau on things royal:
“One of the people who is going to swim in this pool is Missy Franklin,” said Chancellor Robert Birgeneau at the meeting. “This facility will be a crown jewel in her ability to train.”

and meeting this guy (ah, memories of 50 Birge;-)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Angelina Jolie's breasts, Viagra and UC

and throw in Herceptin, too. This UC Regent agenda item discussed today emphasized monetization of future UC patents. UCLA's inability to enjoy the profits of inventions like Viagra, Herceptin and other psych meds was mentioned repeatedly during the presentation and Q&A.

Recently, patents on medical testing came into the spotlight as a result of this recent op ed by the actress Angelina Jolie...

dig deeper and consider this: USPTO Holds First Hearing on "Second Opinion" Genetic Testing and this background

Where do UC and 'UC monetization of patents players' want to fall in all of this? How health disparities etc.- plays out?

What will be justified as 'money making in support of' UC students,, tuition, UC mission? Who will be capable of making those calls and who will they be accountable to?

The UC Regents meet again tomorrow - mostly in closed session. The legal explanation for the closed sessions by UC General Counsel was cut off on the video and audio of UC Regents meeting today... but, apparently they think they have reasons for mostly closed sessions.
There is this wicked cold that is going around- it forces the infirm to endure congestion that Spider Man could travel all around Manhattan on ... uuggghhhh.

UC Regents Sacto Meeting Fail

is also captured here along with serious questions about the video archive format availability/
LA Times: 13 healthcare workers arrested in protest at UC regents meeting

Sac Bee: Police arrest 13 union protesters at UC regents meeting

Only 33% of Students Participated In 2012 UC Berkeley Student Experience Survey

that means: a bunch of students did not participate-- so how does Daily Cal come up with this headline?

UC Regents was in progress but cut off session b/c of protest- you can check back periodically to see if they resume. Lots of empty UC Regents seats at the start of the meeting, but a packed crowded audience. Public commenters had to wait outside in overflow area. Meeting is now in progress again and Finance committee is happening.

**impression: it is very strange that the UC Regents are spending so much time during finance committee talking about $15 million on the UCR med effort-- given that the UC Regents easily did this for Regent Blum which was for a much higher dollar figure.

Regent De La Pena talks about UCSF-- how it is like or unlike this UCLA Newco proposal of an 'entrepreneurial research university'.
--Then, a discussion of the best or legal way to hire non UC employees for these type of efforts asking is it or isn't it possible? - Gen Counsel Robinson answers. it is an important section of the meeting to listen to closely.

Regent Blum talks about how 'UC Berkeley is a disaster/nightmare when it comes to this'- on his experience of dealing with the Office of Technology Licensing at Cal and how it affected his Blum center at Cal.. he mumbles something to "Bob" (Birgeneau) something like 'maybe you know about this' regarding a situation at the Blum center at another important exchange to listen to closely

Regent Pattiz tries to say this is just what the labs deal with---branding should be "finding you the dough committee" rather than regents oversight committee

Regent Mendelsohn talks about his experiences in trying to finalize deals with UCLA before and after Chancellor Block
commercialization, profitability terms used interchangeably with "benefit to society"

Regent Island earlier on raised the question of why would faculty willingly donate time to serve as board members on this type of effort where faculty will move research and research revenue to route through this privatized structure

Regent M is trying to explain the objectives of the committee

finance committee ends. Lansing wants to move to lunch but Yudof needs to make a presentation on the university - video cuts off. will have to catch this section later when the video is archived or just listen to audio nope, that audio link is not working either, it says 'in progress' with an active link but no sound coming through...
the morning protestors (after public comment) were told that they would not be allowed back into the meeting for the rest of the day - so the audience was small from then on and not terribly diverse, and the regents staring back at the audience was also not terribly diverse- as though the meeting was not even in California anymore...

Audit and Compliance Special Meeting that was scheduled-- is now scratched from the agenda, dunno why... have not seen Regent M for a while.

Sac Bee has more info

Changing Universities: May Revise and Online Chaos

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update:Video- CA Gov. Brown's May Revise on CA Budget Press Conference

"Gov. Jerry Brown's latest budget proposal calls for spending more on the state's colleges and universities each year through 2016-17 -- and for a 4-year tuition freeze at CSU and UC."
"A brief statement by the UC's budget chief, Patrick Lenz, noted the proposed investment by the state over time -- 4 to 5 percent per year, though 2016 -- and then asked for more: "UC will continue working with the governor and the Legislature to address critical funding needs, such as a $15 million budget augmentation for the UC Riverside School of Medicine, a capital facilities funding plan to provide student access and address seismic retrofit, and funding for the state's employer retirement contribution."
"The budget plan would give the state's community colleges 30.7 percent more, an extra $1,503, to spend per student by 2017 than it did in 2012, according to a summary document provided by the governor's office. California State University would receive a 33 percent increase during that time -- an additional $1,900 per student -- and the University of California would get 23.4 percent more, about $2,500."

For California colleges, governor calls for tuition freezes and drops proposal for unit caps

video of may revise presser can be: viewed at this link and a breakdown available here from UCLA Fac blog

"I suppose that it mostly boils down to the fact of the former Associate Chancellor of Student Affairs' gross incompetency. I tried to explain to him the inappropriateness of having US Bank's logo on our student ID cards when I was GSA Chair, but he just sloughed me off, which was his typical M.O."

...that's one of the comments in response to: Strange Outcome in Banker's Dozen Case

Here is info on how to watch the presser on the May Revise of CA Budget from Sacto

and this piece: Good and Bad in the Teaching Report on the Ed Committee report for UC Regents (that will be discussed later this week at the UC Regents meeting).

Occupy the farm goes on - more background here.

funny how this comes out when compensation packages for Chancellor positions and UCOP Pres replacements come up:
Most University of California leaders make less than the national average, study finds

New fees for your diploma, fees to graduate in California
yes, a show off. fun.

Monday, May 13, 2013

What Does Cal's J School Think Of

this Boalt's choice

given this breaking news today?

it would be an interesting conversation-- if everyone wasn't heading out the door on summer vacay...

or to Sacramento for this week's UC Regents meeting Here is the agenda and meeting info

A Less Diverse Cal?

Research shows higher nonresident enrollment may decrease diversity

In a study analyzing public universities’ enrollment data, professors Bradley Curs and Ozan Jaquette found that as nonresident student enrollment increased, the number of Pell Grant recipients and underrepresented minority students decreased, particularly at research universities such as UC Berkeley

from this Inside Higher Ed piece
Why Budget Silence Is Bad for Science on the USC - UCLA recent story involving LONI.
Lawrence Livermore Lab must pay five former employees $2.7 million - Age Discrimination At Lawrence Livermore lab?
Occupy the Farm is back at Gill Tract

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

On Tuition...

Sallie Mae Profit Boosts College Endowments And Pension Funds As Students Pay More
“It’s a conflict of interest,” said Barmak Nassirian, a longtime higher education analyst who most recently served as associate executive director of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers. “There is something inherently problematic about benefitting from the financing of the tuition you charge through investments in any lender.”
University Probe - Academic Performance Indicators at UC
This leads to an estimate that something under ¼ of all Faculty work time – and thus something less than ¼ of all Core expenses for Ladder Faculty – may be fairly allocated to undergraduate instruction. This conclusion is strongly at odds with the standard method by which UCOP (and other research universities) calculate the average per-student cost for providing undergraduate education. For more discussion of this controversy, see my recent papers “Financing the University – Parts 22 and 23”, posted at . There I calculate that undergraduate tuition and fees now far exceed 100% of the actual cost for UC to provide undergraduate education (including direct instructional costs, supporting services and institutional overhead).

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yudof Talks To PPIC

Yudof begins at the 8:20 mark.
here is the agenda PPIC put out on the event
pay attention to the donors list detailed at the beginning of the comments, too.
Daily Cal : Yudof discusses tenure, future of higher education

These problems do not have simple solutions, Yudof said. He noted that reforming the UC’s pension system and increasing graduation and transfer rates are multifaceted issues that require an executive.

Yudof also talked about the role of online education in the UC system, tentatively proposing a program in which students rejected from the university could take a year of online courses with the intent of transferring. But this would have its own set of financial aid implications for students who cannot afford computers, Yudof said — another example of the complexity of improving educational outcomes.

His advice to the next UC president, who has not yet been selected, was to continue searching for nonstate sources of funding and, more importantly, to understand how to work with the other regents and chancellors of the university.

Finding any remedy was only “10 percent of the solution,” Yudof said. “The other 90 percent is selling it to people.”

and this on Birgeneau
NYT - In California, Push for College Diversity Starts Earlier
An Open Letter to California State Legislators on SB 520 from a Prof at UCI

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

“Our point is simply this,” Stenhouse explains. “How can you even pretend to have pension reform when you’re not capping executives’?”

see: Hospital Union Targets UC Executive Pensions
This past January, sweeping pension reform legislation took effect after winning bipartisan support in Sacramento. The new limits cap pensionable salary levels at $110,000 for public employees who earn Social Security, and $130,000 for those who don’t.

Yet the leaner retirement regime does not apply to employees in the UC system, which operates under a separate pension structure. Under the UC framework, pensionable salary levels are capped at $250,000, or $375,000 for employees hired prior to 1994.

“The cap on compensation for the governor of California is $110,000,” Stenhouse points out. “They say they want pension reform. Well, we want real pension reform.”

AFSCME 3299 members voted to authorize a strike with 97 percent support. The union can lawfully call a strike any day now, but dates and duration of a strike have not been finalized.

it includes video with a former cast member of 'The Gilded 36' stories, including this from SF Chronicle as mentioned in the video clip.

and UCLA Fac Blog has this post: On Ignorance... "the pension issue is not an old folks issue. The old folks will be paid. It is a young folks issue because the need to fund the pension will squeeze university budgets. Neglecting contributions now will make the future - when today's young folks are in mid-career - painful. Meanwhile, older administrators will have passed the problem on to their successors. Maybe this issue is not so complicated after all. Let's just avoid ignoring the facts that a risky return has costs - no free lunch - and that not contributing to the pension now will cause difficulty for the university in the future."

"Wake Forest argue that since the regents are “an arm of the state of California” and not citizens, the federal court does not have jurisdiction over the action, and the counterclaims should be dismissed."

UCLA, in return, accuses Wake Forest of financially mismanaging the research center and using vervet monkeys there for unauthorized research, including a dengue fever study. The regents alleged in their countersuit that Wake Forest is making “false” and “misleading” statements about the regents’ role with the state of California.

Primate Colony Legal Dispute May Reach Faster Resolution Via Magistrate Judge

Monday, May 6, 2013

Update on UC Davis Protest Aftermath

an update on the US Bank(ers) Dozen Protest

Davis Vanguard: Bankers Dozen Take Plea Agreement, Charges Reduced to Infraction, Community Service

Sacramento Bee: Charges against 'Bankers' Dozen' protesters settled
they also have a post about undergrad workers at the student learning center at Cal


Uncapped, Uncorked, Unsustainable

cap removed on SHIP and changes to plans at UC Davis etc
Some campuses will remain with the student health insurance program and some will pursue other options. Students on campuses leaving the program will have comparable insurance through another insurer. University of California Davis will leave the medical portion of the student insurance program but stay in dental and vision.
DailyCal: Campus Joins Movement Demanding Access to Research
However, while open access has been largely successful in the sciences, the movement has been almost nonexistent in the humanities.
Remaking the University New Waypoints in the MOOC Debate, Part I
and Changing Universities on MOOC Mania Expands- with coverage of the conference at Stanford last week.
UD with a reminder on the buildings - in that story there is discussion of students attempting to help answer some key structural questions on their campus-- I was reminded of Yudof (sarcastically?) saying "let me ponder that" when NYT's D. Solomon suggested students help with Blake House improvements...

If buildings are a commitment to face to face instruction -- shouldn't the buildings also be committed to sustainability? Higher ed still figuring that out?!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Birgeneau: “Ultimately, the responsibility of the UC Berkeley chancellor is to ensure that Berkeley continues to set the standard for public education nationally and internationally,” Birgeneau said. “My first responsibility is to ensure that … California has at least one public institution that is as good as the very best private institutions and sets the standard for the world.”

a good article that touches on some key issues...
Birgeneau Leaves Legacy of Complicated Commitment to Public Mission
and quotes from some key folks:
“All of the attention in access has tended be on undergraduate education,” said Judson King, director of the Center for Studies in Higher Education at UC Berkeley.
“What a lot of places are doing is selectively quasi-privatizing certain schools, like law and graduate business schools,” said University of Virginia professor David Breneman, an expert in the economics and financing of higher education. “But they don’t like to talk — UVA doesn’t like to talk about anything but it being a public university — but we’re moving away from the meaning that it’s largely publicly financed.”
“It undermines the university’s long-term case that it is a public university and needs public support,” said Patrick Callan, president of the Higher Education Policy Institute, who called the pursuit of nonresident students “expedient revenue-hunting.” “These things represent short-term solutions to long-term systemic problems that need to be worked through.”
“Saying it’s a public university means it is available and accessible to all residents of the state depending only on their having the academic qualifications for admission,” King said. “The idea of public education is that it is available without regard to personal or family (financial) resources.”
impressions on it:...Birgeneau's aloofness was evident to lower level staff long before the date the story gives for when students picked up on it.
staff discontent with Birgeneau started to show up in 2006 and publicly in 2007-08 staff events (e.g he was run out of his annual talk w/staff etc). around that time he had passed off his 'outreach to staff' to his 'associate chancellors'. This latest Daily Cal piece is a good read with extensive detail but one small issue is that it, along with the earlier op-ed by the Daily Cal senior ed board, avoids discussing the Robert Dynes' administration connection to the Birgeneau administration and some of the negative fall out/lingering impressions that resulted-- an aspect important to discuss in the Birgeneau legacy imo...

it is odd in fact that there aren't any quotes from mid and lower level staff on their impressions of Birgeneau in any of these pieces.
and, btw, there isn't much public coverage of N. Dirks having face to face/ one on one interactions with those lower level staff in his 'visit' this month either.

UC Regents Agenda Items for May 15-16 meeting

UC Regents Agenda items for May 15-16 meeting available here
-did they shave off a day?

I call your attention to the non UC Regent "advisory" members designation in the Education Policy Committee make up posted on this page at toward the bottom...
“It seems like you’re facing a time when key institutional habits of this university are in peril, and have been for a few years,” Flores told Dirks
the PR machine coverage of Dirks visit- but w/ some good coverage, too

and its coverage of the forum

BBQ and Eucalyptus

already- the season starting early:
CSU campus affected and LA Times
"FEMA finds it is much more cost effective to mitigate and prevent a disaster than it does reconstructing a community after a disaster," said Klatt.
U.C. Berkeley has just released its environmental impact report for public comment and if FEMA approves their disaster mitigation grant, U.C. Berkeley believes the earliest that tree removal would begin is 2014.

the PCH sigh. and,
Ventura Highway In The Sunshine...

Mixed Reviews

Dirks: “Berkeley has a long tradition of making students’ voices heard, and I am willing to listen to those issues and address them,” Dirks said. “I want to set up regular evening sessions in the University House with multiple student groups and have open discussions to bring attention to not only problems in the student community but to solutions as well. Together, we can resolve any issue.”

Daily Nexus has a new look: From the Makers of Massive Budget Cuts: A Digital Education

I take issue with both the process behind the initiative and the prospect of such an education. But first and foremost, I am appalled by the absurdity of the fact that the same people who constructed the fiscal crisis in the UC system — the governor and the regents — are now determining how we will deal with it. The same group of administrators that has condemned us to institutional poverty is now telling us that we must fundamentally restructure and digitize our curriculum just to stay afloat.

the legacy talk- always mixed reviews, always incomplete-- to the point of... pointless: Daily Cal on it
Yet when it comes to general campus climate, while Birgeneau recognizes the friction among some student communities, his mindset is problematic. He accurately pointed out that productive dialogue between students is key to bridging the gap, but he incorrectly framed campus climate as “a student problem, not an administration problem.” He is correct that “climate is about how students interact with each other,” but more proactive administrative support would go a long way. The administration, which does not turn over every year like much of the student leadership, needs to take a more active role in improving campus climate.

Birgeneau has also not been accessible enough to students. Although he did a decent job connecting with specific student leaders, he certainly could have been more accountable to the student body at large. When asked about his relationship with the student government, Birgeneau pointed out that he has fostered close ties with ASUC presidents, but he has not been nearly visible enough in the ASUC Senate in recent years. Incoming chancellor Nicholas Dirks, who arrives at UC Berkeley after serving as an administrator at Columbia University, must be more present in public student spaces on campus.

Dirks can also learn from Birgeneau’s mismanagement of major campus protests. During two of the most significant demonstrations in recent years — at Wheeler Hall in 2009 and during Occupy Cal in 2011 — Birgeneau came under fire for failing to prevent police use of force against protesters. If Dirks internalizes lessons learned from the uproarious aftermath of those protests, he should be able to avoid similar pitfalls.

However, Dirks’ biggest test, as Birgeneau indicated, will be whether he can continue to protect the public character of UC Berkeley. The campus has done great work under Birgeneau, but threats to balancing access and excellence remain. “We don’t need more great private universities — we need great public universities,” Birgeneau said. “That’s Berkeley’s responsibility … we need to be vigilant to maintain our public character for the indefinite future.” Dirks has big shoes to fill on that front.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Take Your SHIP and shove it?

Chancellor announces return to Berkeley-operated student health plan -more info in the side bar links here at DailyCal

This is remarkable for the fact that there are UC med campuses- and a health and med group of senior officials operating out of UCOP- yet, a campus without a med center is opting out of their UC SHIP creation.
Dirks also gave a history lecture.
Brad DeLong on the Oregon some nat'l attention today.
further up the coast in Seattle-"The least sexy school was University of California in Davis, which may be of small comfort to Seattle, given that Davis is in the middle of nowhere"- they just don't know what the Aggies use their home grown olive oil for...

UC Regents Closed Sessions. CA Leg Closed Sessions on higher ed?...and a Dirks session.

Speaker Perez is advancing legislation: a state assembly bill (AB 1348) that would replace CPEC with a new California Higher Education Authority; the bill is sponsored by assembly speaker John A. Pérez. The new version would be run entirely by political reps and students. There would be no faculty, staff, administration, or regental reps on its governing board.

the latest on Steinberg's online ed and some opinions on his amendments.

The UC Regents will likely post their agenda items this friday in advance of the May 14-16 meeting in Sacramento, so keep checking that link or wait to see it here.

In the meantime just note that: the UC Regents governance committee met in April to discuss future committee chairs and various committee member appointments. and the compensation committee met on the UC Riverside Chancellor position.

The UC Regents also met on the search for the next UC president-- the addresses of participants in that discussion highlighted the SF headquarters of Blum Capital Partners LP and a building at UCLA...

and This event today with incoming UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks
Dirks is floating around the Cal campus...meeting with students in what is being called a forum and/or welcome- they are saying he will answer questions...