Thursday, May 23, 2013

“I shouldn’t have been embarrassed at the sheer disorganization shown at commencement, I paid well over $100 for tickets just as many other people did,” Struck’s popular comment reads. “Where did those funds go?”

... said UC Berkeley student Greg Struck, who posted a comment in the UC Berkeley Class of 2013 Facebook page that has received nearly 100 “likes” and 86 responses by fellow students sharing similar experiences.

According to UC spokesperson Jose Rodriguez, the UC Berkeley university relations department is responsible for the overall organization of commencement and worked with the Senior Class Council and Intercollegiate Athletics on planning for the day.

Students frustrated by crowds at general commencement

If the administration is desperate to show off/pay for the stadium--at least make sure those graduating will enjoy the ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. (and, yes, it is 'once' even if they go on to grad school etc.)
California Hospital Strike: Thousands Picket At UC Davis Medical Center, Other Universities
"Clouds are among the biggest unknowns in understanding how climate works."

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