Saturday, May 18, 2013

In Sympathy?

LAT: Court will decide how many UC workers can strike
A judge is expected to rule on a request for a temporary restraining order limiting the number of workers who may take part in the walkout. According to UC officials, the focus is on workers considered essential for patient care.

The union representing nearly 13,000 patient healthcare workers has notified UC that it plans to strike from Tuesday at 4 a.m. to Thursday at 4 a.m. Several thousand others could participate in a “sympathy strike” Tuesday.

Stobo: “If union members are as concerned with patient safety as they claim, why strike?” he said."
UC SHIP at Cal: "Premiums for Berkeley SHIP 2013-14: Undergraduates $1007 per semester, Graduate students $1386 per semester" and more detail.

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