Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 21 UC Regents Committee on Investments Meeting

there is another UC Regents meeting on May 21 about investments see the full two page agenda.
UC Regent Kieffer also makes interesting comments about transfer students at the 1:15 mark here
contrast that with Zettel's comments about student athletes at the 2:53 mark here

Kieffer also has an important exchange with Birgeneau and Cal Admins at the 2:58:20 -mark about donations and academic/ instruction-- Birgeneau gives a flip endowed chairs response, and Regent M adds in something about Stanford. Thankful UC Regent Kieffer asked that question.
if you can do voice recognition easily here is audio of last week's UC Regents meeting:
The Complete Regents Meeting for Your Listening Enjoyment AND a Note About the Governor's Legitimate Question and the Absurd UC Response
- important point on what to do about micromanaging if UC doesn't like it coming from Sacramento...
When Adjunct Faculty Are The Tenure-Track's Untouchables

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