Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Only 33% of Students Participated In 2012 UC Berkeley Student Experience Survey

that means: a bunch of students did not participate-- so how does Daily Cal come up with this headline?

UC Regents was in progress but cut off session b/c of protest- you can check back periodically to see if they resume. Lots of empty UC Regents seats at the start of the meeting, but a packed crowded audience. Public commenters had to wait outside in overflow area. Meeting is now in progress again and Finance committee is happening.

**impression: it is very strange that the UC Regents are spending so much time during finance committee talking about $15 million on the UCR med effort-- given that the UC Regents easily did this for Regent Blum which was for a much higher dollar figure.

Regent De La Pena talks about UCSF-- how it is like or unlike this UCLA Newco proposal of an 'entrepreneurial research university'.
--Then, a discussion of the best or legal way to hire non UC employees for these type of efforts asking is it or isn't it possible? - Gen Counsel Robinson answers. it is an important section of the meeting to listen to closely.

Regent Blum talks about how 'UC Berkeley is a disaster/nightmare when it comes to this'- on his experience of dealing with the Office of Technology Licensing at Cal and how it affected his Blum center at Cal.. he mumbles something to "Bob" (Birgeneau) something like 'maybe you know about this' regarding a situation at the Blum center at another important exchange to listen to closely

Regent Pattiz tries to say this is just what the labs deal with---branding should be "finding you the dough committee" rather than regents oversight committee

Regent Mendelsohn talks about his experiences in trying to finalize deals with UCLA before and after Chancellor Block
commercialization, profitability terms used interchangeably with "benefit to society"

Regent Island earlier on raised the question of why would faculty willingly donate time to serve as board members on this type of effort where faculty will move research and research revenue to route through this privatized structure

Regent M is trying to explain the objectives of the committee

finance committee ends. Lansing wants to move to lunch but Yudof needs to make a presentation on the university - video cuts off. will have to catch this section later when the video is archived or just listen to audio nope, that audio link is not working either, it says 'in progress' with an active link but no sound coming through...
the morning protestors (after public comment) were told that they would not be allowed back into the meeting for the rest of the day - so the audience was small from then on and not terribly diverse, and the regents staring back at the audience was also not terribly diverse- as though the meeting was not even in California anymore...

Audit and Compliance Special Meeting that was scheduled-- is now scratched from the agenda, dunno why... have not seen Regent M for a while.

Sac Bee has more info

Changing Universities: May Revise and Online Chaos

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