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Play Mnemosyne for Memorial Day

Birgeneau On The "Parochial" Student Mindset At Cal..on the record, but off the record.
The other night a longer version of this 'interview' with Robert Birgeneau aired in its entirety. It included his recollection of the protest at University House and a section where Birgeneau talks about his surprise over how 'parochial'(?!) some Cal students are with regard to their position on California resident admissions at Cal. The video archive version does not include this longer extensive comment on resident admissions. The short version interview aired first-and that was the version that was also conveniently put out at UC Berkeley's 'news'center page. (We recall he previously contrasted and compared Cal to Toronto etc. using the term "sophistication" --as in Toronto is more sophisticated than Cal as a result of international student admissions- so, this does not deviate much from those earlier comments he made...)

Some things really stood out on the second longer interview that aired:

The reporter, in this case Jessica Aguirre, (who wears a green dress to intro the piece in the short version and an orange dress to intro the long version- and she wears a blue dress while conducting the interview itself-should you want to keep track of the different versions of the interview if/when the longer version becomes available) repeatedly uses the term "the violence" and "the violent protests" in recounting Birgeneau's time as chancellor. But "the violence" term and "responses to protests" term are never linked together. In fact, the term "responses to protests" does not seem to be used at all. They didn't include a clip of what Stephen Colbert called the "crunchy"...-- but the show did include extensive comments from Birgeneau where he does a retelling of one earlier protest and they include images of broken planters at the Chancellor's House/University House (remember that event that his PR folks said deeply affected him while they also said it was not in his mind at all when deciding the baton use at later protests?- perhaps b/c then it might appear...maybe a form of revenge?). Birgeneau does not discuss or respond to questions on the events of any of the other protests in the interview...

The show also tied international students acceptance rates and the DREAM Act efforts in with each other-- a lumping together that does not do justice to covering those separate issues involving Cal/UC admissions.

They did included footage/several angles of the reporter walking through California Hall with Birgeneau as they smiled at each other and looked at art work...that's how they used the air time.

Four minutes to discuss Cal leadership over the last nine years...
-that's why the msm reviews of UC legacy are always so incomplete and pointless.

(Oh well, hopefully soon maybe-the 'Class Action Show' folks at least put out the full version of the interview. And, not everything on that show is annoying: CA Students Miss Out On Major Financial Aid?!)

As a reminder on rib cages, nudging, and commitments to diversity etc. see:

Other things the interview could have covered as a review of legacy, a few immediately come to mind:
Robert Birgeneau Knew Of Baton Use By Campus Police And Made No Objection, Emails Reveal (2012)

Diversity Urged At UC Berkeley Engineering School (2012)

UC Berkeley Chancellor Interjects Politics Into Arizona Tragedy (2011)

Cal basketball: NCAA Slaps Bears With Two Years Probation-Due To "Staff's Neglect" (2011)(coincidentally, this happened during a time when Birgeneau claimed a great friendship with the head of the NCAA)

UC Berkeley's Endowment Seating Program Doesn't Quite Add Up -The Campus's Plan to Go Into Debt to Retrofit Memorial Stadium Is a Problematic Issue (2011)

Facing Title IX Pressure, Cal May Restore the Teams It Cut (2011)
(but he does now care if Missy Franklin has a private pool to train in... "a jewel in her crown" - btw, love the Olympics and hope she goes on to win many more medals, but just askin': shouldn't all athletes receive the same treatment?)

ACLU raises more concerns about procedures at UC Berkeley (2011)

Trashed At UC Berkeley, recyclables end up in the landfill, outdoor plazas are drowning in litter, and gardeners spend their days collecting garbage. Welcome to the world's greenest university. (2011) (could it possibly have anything to do with decreasing staff for OP EX?)

UC Becoming A Federal University, Chancellor Says (2011)

UC Berkeley Bloated, Wasteful, Consultants Say (2010)(that came out SIX years into his term in office)

Operational Mediocrity- Daily Californian (2010) (that came out SIX years into his term in office)

A Tangled Web At Berkeley by UC Santa Cruz Professor John Ellis (2009)

Union protest pre-empts chancellor's annual meeting with staff (2008)

Berkeley Chancellor's Perks Raise Eyebrows (2006)
there are many more similar stories we could have selected, anyway,
due to the above, in this case... Barbara Lee DOES NOT speak for me
At the end of this month's UC Regents meeting the UC Regents did the usual self congratulations and said goodbyes to regents w/ terms ending (Lansing tried to rush Yudof along in giving the staff advisor commemoration and then realized rushing maybe wasn't the right thing to do; and Jonathan Stein was given the 'best looking regent' treatment by fellow regent Bonnie Reiss- it made him appear extremely uncomfortable, lol.) UC Regent Blum gave the commemoration for Birgeneau-2:52 mark here- it was less than specifically effusive. Blum mentioned Pell grants stats frequently cited -everybody wants to make their bones off of Pell grant recipient rates, sigh...(Blum also said that in recent years Cal has become as volatile as it was in the sixties). It is likely the BS dial was set to maximum high when they did this same commemoration thing at the private and posh UC regents dinner in Sacramento (held the night before the final day of this month's UC Regents meeting)- with 'who knows who' on the guest list.
Daily Cal: The California Assembly passed a bill Monday allowing California community colleges to charge all students out-of-state tuition during summer and winter sessions, regardless of residency.
The bill, AB 955, would allow community colleges to raise tuition during their shorter intercessions — in the summer and over winter break — from $46 per unit to about $200 per unit. In the face of budget cuts beginning in 2008, many community colleges have had to cut sections from the most needed classes. Proponents of AB 955 hope that the increase in funds will allow colleges to create more sections and ensure students can graduate on time.

Assemblymember Das Williams, D-Santa Barbara, who authored the bill

Is it "parochial" to think this is the wrong way to go?
A post by Jennifer Ruth, Portland State University "When Tenure Track Faculty Take On The Problem of Adjunctification"
“For whatsoever from one place doth fall,
Is with the tide unto an other brought:
For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.”
― Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene

Paul Alpers, a longtime UC Berkeley English professor and the founding director of the UC Berkeley Townsend Center for the Humanities, passed away on Sunday after a battle with cancer. He was 80.
-- it also gets the mind to wondering about the Christ legacy at Cal...
UC law schools should: be in support of this work on legal clinics for veterans seeking support/services. (Memorial Day seems to be lacking or omitted from coverage today, btw.)

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