Thursday, May 30, 2013

The "Fake It 'til You Make It" Approach

-these comments of Sheryl Sandberg feel disturbing (albeit this is a limited clip and maybe she gives lots of caveats in advance, hope so) re: don't worry about being fully qualified, sit at the table, don't wait 'til you meet 100% of criteria- you're qualified to be CEO etc.. (and if HuffPo uses her picture again as the face of "struggling working mothers" news stories... serious hurling will ensue)
Cal's Jennifer Granholm also spoke- but no video.

View more videos at:

the event (different from the Long Beach based Women's Conference and Minerva Awards program Maria Shriver ran when she was First Lady)...was created 24 years ago by Jackie Speier...

we have been trying to find out if Speier's legislation during her time in office in the CA State Senate led to the loophole that did damage to UC whistleblowers rights, or not -- there also was legislation created that same year by Jerome Horton, then a member of the CA Assembly, not sure which piece of leg. led to "loophole" discussed here:"The ruling uncovered an oversight made by the Legislature when the Act was amended in 2001,"- pls leave a comment if you have info on history/can confirm which piece of legislation led to the "loophole".

Is this 'Fake It 'til You Make It Education'?

Ten State Universities Join With Online Education Provider
The goal is to provide the public universities with “a set of trajectories and pathways that increase capacity and increase access” for students, Koller said.

The institutions are the State University of New York, the University of Tennessee, the Tennessee Board of Regents (which oversees other public campuses in that state), University of Colorado system, University of Houston system, University of Kentucky, University of Nebraska, University of New Mexico, University System of Georgia and West Virginia University System.

Several University of California campuses already offer non-credit classes through the for-profit Coursera and through rival edX, a nonprofit based in Massachusetts. Some Cal State schools have for-credit courses through edX and Udacity, another for-profit online provider in Silicon Valley.

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