Thursday, May 23, 2013

"the pretense of these Star Chambers"

From DailyCal: Students File Charges Against Campus for Sexual Assault Mishandling

Related to this NYT piece, it starts off like this: Pop quiz: what major felony should be investigated and adjudicated by amateurs, in secret, without subpoena powers, a right to representation, or any kind of due process controls?..."If student affairs professionals want to help victims, they can do that by helping victims, without the pretense of these Star Chambers."

Should there be a zero tolerance for domestic violence etc. at student housing? (mayors frequently use the zero tolerance tool): Parents of UC Berkeley student killed in drunk driving accident file lawsuit

UPDATE- lots more detail here, from Berkeleyside: Relatives of Fatal DUI Crash Victims File Lawsuit Against UC
"Attorneys say the abuse, which culminated in the fatal crash, was the result of an escalating pattern of racial and sexual harassment, and that UC should have been aware of what was going on, and both reported it and taken steps to stop it. They cite, in addition to violations of the Civil Rights Act, various types of negligence, as well as premises liability, infliction of emotional distress and assault and battery."

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