Friday, May 17, 2013

"UC campuses have seen a greater change than others, Dorr said. For example, the four-year graduation rate at two neighboring campuses in Southern California is significantly different: The rate at UC Irvine has risen to nearly 70 percent, while the rate at UC Riverside remains barely above 40 percent."

isn't UCR where the CSU pulled their new head of their system from?
Brown asks UC officials to review graduation rates
it includes: The Democratic governor, acting in his official capacity as president of the Board of Regents, grilled UC Provost Aimee Dorr about the university system's graduation rates during a board meeting in Sacramento.
"You put all these charts and it looks like things are getting better, but if we don't know why they're getting better, then the chart isn't very useful," Brown said.
UC President Mark Yudof said any effort to improve those rates would come with the challenge of waiting four to six years to see whether students actually graduate sooner.
"We'll take a shot at it," Yudof said. "... But it's proven pretty elusive in higher education."

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