Thursday, May 16, 2013

UC Regents Meeting, May 16th - yesterday's Yudof White Paper, Brown's exasperation with UC Provost's report

once again, here's a link to the UC Regents meeting for Thursday.

what happened yesterday? well, LA Times gives a nice synopsis: Jerry Brown urges UC to stress graduating students in 4 years-The California governor addresses UC regents. He recently proposed giving UC and Cal State more money if they boost graduation rates 10% by 2017.
it includes:
Brown, who attended part of the regents' meeting, expressed exasperation with Dorr's many statistics, what he implied was her lack of solid solutions and her lecture-like presentation. "This was a good first semester," Brown said, with a touch of anti-academic humor. "But I want to get to the second semester" for answers.

He urged UC to stop citing the six-year rate, which is widely used by the federal government and other schools. "For me the four year is the norm," he said. And he asked UC to examine why various UC campuses have better rates than others and why a number show improvements in some years and not in others. He said he wanted to know if that might be caused by factors within UC or "in the outside world."

Brown also wants UC to explore whether faculty teach enough undergraduate courses, among other issues. UC leaders say they might reduce the number of requirements for some majors and bolster summer school offerings and counseling.

and on Yudof: Earlier, in a kind of valedictory report as his five years in office nears an end, UC President Mark G. Yudof described the 10-campus UC system as emerging from recession with its high academic prestige intact. But he warned that it needed to figure out ways to lower costs. He intends to leave his UC post in August and a search is underway for his successor.
and they give a link to Yudof's white paper: report on UC and Higher Ed trends

Sacramento Bee on the Regents cool reception of Brown's push:
"We are searching for ways to, as they say in the business world, align the incentives," Brown said to the University of California's governing Board of Regents, who were meeting Wednesday at the Sacramento Convention Center. "I don't like that phrase, but we are searching for ways to push people along."

Regent Eddie Island pushed back, saying that a focus on how long it takes students to graduate could force UC to be even choosier in who it admits.

"There is data there that would suggest we can instantly improve time to graduation if we become more selective. Smarter kids graduate faster. We know that," Island said. "That isn't what we want to do, necessarily."
Birgeneau on things royal:
“One of the people who is going to swim in this pool is Missy Franklin,” said Chancellor Robert Birgeneau at the meeting. “This facility will be a crown jewel in her ability to train.”

and meeting this guy (ah, memories of 50 Birge;-)

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