Friday, May 31, 2013

various and sundry

see this from Jake Tapper's CNN show w/ comments at the end on the supposed importance of a refined google algorithm used for hiring new employees-- gives less weight to school and degree and more weight to internet activities of applicants
Obama on student loans and the July deadline...
a more interesting way of talking about the whole 'Lean In' biz - and it is a biz (Mika says she was talkin' about it before Sheryl, Suze was talkin' about it before both of 'em-- and others were talkin' about it more in depth long before)
UC and the trees and herbacide...
"Q: How will the environment be protected during application of a herbicide?

A: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service concluded that the use of herbicides is not likely to adversely affect either the endangered Alameda whipsnake nor the California red legged frog, and the National Marine Fisheries Services concluded there would be no adverse impact to fish or aquatic life proximate to the project areas. Strict best-management practices, rules and regulations will be followed at all times to ensure the application of herbicide is consistent with the hundreds of rules that regulate their use. These measures are fully outlined in the"... read the thing.

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