Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Birgeneau and "bottom feeding organizational leadership"

remember Birgeneau is touting his new role on the leadership of the Lincoln Project, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences initiative to “advocate for the importance of public colleges and universities.
now read this Boston Globe article:

No Record of Academy Head’s Doctoral Degree- Where Deeds Are Honored, One Is In Doubt

and this post from University Diaries on the American Academy of Arts and Sciences drama.

and Minding the Workplace has this take on the story: Prestigious honorary society president may be a bullying boss "bottom-feeding organizational leadership: First, sweep allegations of workplace bullying under the rug. Second, hire a PR consultant to spin the Academy and Berlowitz into victims."

-- it is the same place that is lookin' to Birgeneau to research the future of public higher ed.
Update: Academy Head’s False Credential Draws Scrutiny- Grant Filings Listed Leader’s Nonexistent Doctorate
Federal investigators plan to examine whether the chief executive of the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences violated any laws by inflating her academic credentials as part of efforts to win more than $1 million in government grants over the past decade.

By Todd Wallack, Globe Staff now-- but he was with SF Chron a few years back and he and his colleagues broke the UC compensation scandal stories...a certain symmetry.
What UC administrators talk about when they talk about risk
Is There Only One Right Answer?: A Challenge to the Teaching of Math and Science in Higher Ed

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