Saturday, June 1, 2013

Brown, Steyer, Prop 30 and 39

"Rule will show the man." See:Viewpoints: Gov. Jerry Brown as philosopher-king? Really?
Who is right or wrong on this?:
"Westrup also challenged my characterization of Prop. 30's tax increases as a "bait and switch," with much of the money earmarked for education actually making its way to teachers' pensions. I'm hardly the first to point this out. As former Schwarzenegger budget adviser David Crane has argued, the California State Teachers' Retirement System needs an additional $4.5 billion a year to remain solvent. School districts are on the hook for that money. So while it's technically true most of the Prop. 30 revenue will go to districts, the lion's share will end up in CalSTRS' coffers, not in classrooms."

Recall Crane is a former UC Regent but still sits in on UC Regent investment committee meetings.
on Steyer, Brown and Prop 39-- there is this from LAT: Jerry Brown faces new criticism on school energy plan (btw, shouldn't the kids be spared the being used for pol photo ops?)

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