Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CPRA Update, An Important Article on UC Tech Transfer

from EFF says:
With a 27-11 vote, the state senate on Monday sent a new version of the trailer bill—without the public-records language—to the governor’s desk. Brown has pledged his support for the new bill, SB 71, as long as the legislature also passes a constitutional amendment that would shift the cost of complying with CPRA from the state to the local agencies. That is set for a vote later this week and would be placed on the ballot in 2014.

they also mention AB 76
and LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Allowing More Closed-Door Meetings
The measure adds the governor to the list of people with whom local officials can meet in private to discuss security issues.

Not sure how that works but apparently other state officials have been allowed to do it and now they are just adding in the Governor's position.
And, UCLA Fac Blog has a post on Newco and UC
UCLA Tech Transfer, UC Berkeley Tech Transfer offices
Alumni UC Regents, their law firms, biz partners and UC patents
and on and on...
it is like an update on "How the UC Regents Spin" from a few years back -- but now it includes other players:

Agensys' deal with UCLA was unique in that the school reportedly had some equity stake in the company. The university has never disclosed the financial terms of the deal, however, so just what benefit there was to UCLA isn't clear. Some say the university benefited greatly, while others claim it was actually short-changed and that Agensys' private investors were given a favorable deal because they were big donors to UC.

another section:
What is clear is that the biggest moneymaker in the Agensys deal was a small network of investors who earned millions. These investors included UCLA professor Arie Belldegrun, a doctor who has created and advised numerous biotechnology companies over his career. Roy Doumani, a wealthy Los Angeles banking and real estate investor, and friend of Belldegrun, was also part of Agensys. Doumani has been a major UCLA donor for several decades. In 1989, he gave UCLA a $7 million oceanfront house in Venice Beach. One of his more recent gifts to the school was an endowed chair in urologic oncology. This prestigious faculty post is currently occupied by Belldegrun. Although he has no scientific background, Doumani recently became a UCLA faculty member by joining the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology to teach the "business of science."

Please read this important article: Public Research for Private Gain

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