Monday, June 17, 2013

"the university should take responsibility for, in Heizer's words, "a human ethical" issue, namely, how so many well-educated, well-meaning professors and administrators eagerly violated the rights of the dead and tormented the living."

see: UC and Native Americans: Unsettled Remains
UC campuses have been too slow in returning Native American bones and artifacts.

The University of California is the main repository of native remains in this region. Here too repatriation is stalled. UC Davis retains more than 90% of its collection (which caused one Native American activist to note that there are more dead Indians on the Davis campus than live ones). As of June 2013, Berkeley has repatriated only 315 of its 10,000 remains. Why so little progress?
an update on the buried SB 71/AB 76 Legislation In The CA Budget-- from the First Amendment Coalition and more here on how to take action.
Lots of good links in this post on Working Notes: On the trauma of job loss, retaliatory e-mail surveillance, and Costco as the good company
the Costco reference above was a reminder of: an article in Costco Connection written by Enrico Moretti about manufacturing jobs in the US and his belief that they are not returning...

Jon Rynn wrote a counter piece.
- both good reads.

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