Thursday, June 27, 2013

UCLA Going Private? Yudof OKs Private UCLA MBA Program

see: UC President OKs Self-Supporting Plan For UCLA Business Master's Program by Larry Gordon in the LA Times

"Judy Olian, the dean of Anderson, described the decision as "a win-win for both the university and for UCLA Anderson." She said it will enable the school to invest in program innovations "while redirecting state support to other needed priorities at the university." In her statement, she did not specify whether tuition would be hiked in the near future."

Here's the: UCLA announcement and link to the letter.
The letter includes: "I want to acknowledge that the UC Academic Senate does not support this course of action."
and, again, look at this article (on UCLA- but also includes a section On UC Regent Blum Getting It Wrong on Cal) Public Research for Private Gain:
"According to Blum, Berkeley's tech transfer office staff bungled the invention's transfer to private industry and the faculty inventor was excluded from further participation. "Next thing I know is this group takes this project, doesn't tell us what they're doing with it, licenses this to somebody, and won't even tell us who they licensed to develop the product."
A basic web search shows, however, that Blum got much of this story wrong."

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