Wednesday, June 26, 2013

University Workplaces and SCOTUS

decisions...all over this story on Vance, more.
see: Thrun - Newfield and Newfield - Thrun

(Didn't 20mm's Dean Florez get an MBA from Harvard? Maybe we'll soon read his...)
Even if you just hung out around Cheit or the old Jimmy Beans etc.-- noticed the sponsorship lettering/banners plastered around the Haas complex (B school) facilities at Cal, this might strike a li'l funny: UC Regents, San Diego governments launch LIBOR lawsuit
"The ability to articulate, design and innovate will be combined with the traditional technical rigor of a Berkeley engineering education.

Ask anyone to describe an engineer, and you’ll probably hear words like “logical” or “good at math” rather than “creative” or “artistic.” But we agree with Paul Jacobs that successful engineers must possess creative design skills and entrepreneurship skills on top of deep technical understanding."
VRA, and After ruling that the time on SB 5 had expired, he told reporters that "an unruly mob using Occupy Wall Street tactics - that ebb and flow of movements thing again.

If you aren't paying attention to SCOTUS this week - then you aren't fully aware of the times we are living in...

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