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UCOP Releases "2012 Annual Report on Employee Compensation"

Updated: w/ 2012 figures, (yes,fyi, it includes that section)

see article: Capitol Alert: University of California 2012 Payroll Up 6 Percent

"Academic pay rose by 4 percent to $4.34 billion. Pay for executives and managers rose by 7 percent to $725 million.
The largest increase in payroll and funding came at the university's teaching hospitals. Pay in health care and allied science jumped nearly 10 percent from 2011 to 2012 to $2.56 billion.

Since 2006, UC payroll has increased 37 percent."

also see this op-ed on Napolitano appointment while there.
and, the Fresno Bee has a longer article on UC Compensation here.

don't lose your lunch...

don't know the background- why there are so many positions open?, could be just b/c Napolitano is leaving etc. but passing it along b/c it is about Napolitano's potential replacement and the state of things as she leaves, the culture of the place she leaves as compared to the culture of UC and OP: "confirmation hearing for Alejandro Mayorkas, Obama’s nominee to become the deputy secretary of homeland security, a job that could result in him running the department when Secretary Janet Napolitano steps down in September."
Carper won’t say outright that Mayorkas didn’t do anything wrong, but he said he doesn’t have faith in the IG office to get to the bottom of the issue, much less in the near future. The Senate is investigating several allegations of nepotism and abuse of power in the IG’s office.

“We have an investigation by an IG’s office which is also under investigation,” he said. “If you look into the assertions about the IG’s office at DHS, the idea that they are questioning the integrity and reputation of Mayorkas is the height of irony.”

Carper said he is alarmed that more than a dozen senior positions in the Homeland Security Department are now vacant or filled with acting personnel.

“There are gaping holes in the management of this department. It’s not a good situation,” he said. “We don’t need the so-called investigation to take another nine months. This department needs strong leadership now.”

Should the Davis Amtrak Move to the UC Davis Campus?
Minding the Workplace-“Can we help you with the problems we caused?” The ironies of employee assistance and wellness initiatives"

Related to that: Do you use Kaiser?
esp. in N. Cal...also consider this and recall this...
Changing Universities: Free Public Higher Ed or The Regents Way
and this UCSD student update with some gross detail.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Rights of Faculty, Revised APM - "Now go out and use your freedom to stir up brilliant controversies."

IHE: The University of California Board of Regents affirmed that right this month with an amendment to the system's "Statement on the Professional Rights of Faculty."

Some students see it as incomplete:
Facilitated Free Speech

Yudof did not agree with one of the statements in the Vice Provost's presentation on how Garcetti played out, toggle to the 1:41 mark here for this item from the UC Regents meeting earlier this month. Yudof's comments on whether or not UC invoked Garcetti are at the 1:49 mark.
University Probe on The Primacy of Public Education a lesson for Napolitano.
Davis Vanguard asks some key questions about UC Davis, Kroll/Reynoso report and transparency in CA.
CalBuzz thinks the latest developments show... chutzpah

"Let’s get one thing straight. Janet Napolitano is no advocate for immigration reform. In fact, in all these years, I’ve only known her to advocate for one thing: Janet Napolitano."

Gannett's Baxter Bulletin has this by Ruben Navarrette Jr.: For Napolitano, It's Another Extreme Political Makeover
This is how she rolls. When she finds herself backed into a corner, criticized for something she did or should have done, she doesn’t just defend herself. Instead, Napolitano overcompensates and portrays herself as a champion for the cause that she neglected. She did it in Arizona, where I once saw her — after taking a powder on Chandler — try to represent herself to a group of Hispanic lawyers as a defender of civil rights. It was surreal.
Back in the real world, according to sources with firsthand knowledge of White House meetings on immigration, Napolitano was an impediment to Obama’s policy change in 2012 that gave undocumented young people deferred status and a two-year work permit. Yet she later embraced the policy.

U. of Alienation?--is UC sending a message that alienates key groups?: The Legacy Of Janet Napolitano As Secretary Of The Department Of Homeland Security: Dangers To The University Of California and Public Education

University Of California Regents to sell $665 million bonds-week of August 5, not an article- just that info from Reuters.
other forms of potential future wide spread alienation discussed here.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

It Gets Stranger and Stranger

on the Dr. Christian Head case there is this $4+ million development: UCLA Doctor Settles With UC Board of Regents - with this new troubling development:

Last week’s statement by the regents was as far removed from UCLA’s reaction when this reporter broke the Dr. Head story last year as the Earth is from Antares. Some 14 months ago, Phil Hampton, associate director of UCLA Media Relations, wrote the following on The Wave’s website beneath the story of Dr. Head’s plight:
“It is unfortunate that your readers were not afforded the benefit of UCLA’s response to the inflammatory allegations made by Dr. Christian Head. UCLA is committed to and promotes diversity, and the campus takes all appropriate steps to protect employees from harassment and intimidation. State whistleblower laws prohibit retaliation against employees who express concerns about what they consider to be illegal activity. University policies embrace these laws, and the campus is committed to preventing any such retaliation. Allegations of discrimination and retaliation are taken very seriously and investigated thoroughly. While privacy laws prevent us from discussing details, UCLA investigated Dr. Head’s allegations and found that the evidence does not substantiate the claims of unlawful activity.”
Comes now Dr. Joel Sercarz, a 20-year board certified surgeon and 10-year colleague of Dr. Head at UCLA and other medical facilities, who also filed suit against the University of California Board of Regents last year because he was discriminated and retaliated against, mistreated and ultimately fired from his job because, according to the suit, he supported Dr. Head in his fight against his abusers, protested Dr. Head’s mistreatment and backed up Dr. Head’s complaints of discrimination.
Dr. Sercarz wrote letters to UCLA administrators denouncing their treatment of Dr. Head and once the administrators learned Dr. Sercarz was a witness for Dr. Head against UCLA, the administrators terminated him for “time card fraud” — claiming he was stealing time.
Dr. Sercarz, who is the first physician terminated by UCLA from a Los Angeles County hospital, has engaged the legal services of the renown Bohm Law Group in Sacramento. His attorney said Sercarz’ case is in discovery now and is focusing on how UCLA had him terminated for stealing time by working at UCLA? We’ll have to wait and read what Hampton has to say about this on our website.

(*bold emphasis added)
At Cal... apparently Boalt Dean Christopher Edley sent: this out about the Wilda White case, which received: a response in turn.

White is not just a "UC Berkeley Law employee" - she is also a Cal alum...

Calls to mind Edley also felt compelled to do: this just a while back.
"as the Earth is from Antares" that!

New UCR Chancellor Picked, Update on AAAS Head too

see: Former Michigan State provost Kim A. Wilcox, chosen to head UC Riverside

Earlier this year, he was among the finalists to become chancellor of University of Wisconsin-Madison and president at the University of Wyoming. Last year he was a finalist to lead the University of Hawaii-Manoa.
Until the regents vote Wilcox will decline interviews about his plans for UC Riverside, officials said Thursday.
Embattled head of American Academy of Arts and Sciences resigns after questions about resume By Todd Wallack, Globe Staff
UD has: more on this here.

Over time...

Peter Schrag at the UC Regents meeting, on: Janet Napolitano and UC
he also gives Yudof a lot of credit for a record that may or may not stand up over time.
'Fix UC' President Thrilled To See Delayed-Tuition Plan Catch On Elsewhere
"After obtaining their degree, graduates would pay 3 percent of their income for a set number of years, likely around 20 to 25 years."
POTUS: "I'll call college presidents" gee, anyone special in mind?
John Lewis at Comic-Con

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

UC Regent Pattiz on New Student Regent, UCD Pepper Spray Report Update, Editorial on Napolitano Appointment

Pattiz was out of town on the vote on the student regent position- but managed to show up the next day to cast a vote for Napolitano and to send a letter to the LA Times:
"Oh, for goodness' sake, will this never stop?" This was how The Times' editorial characterized the fears of many in the Jewish community regarding the selection of the next student regent of the University of California system, a student leader with a history of leadership on and support for anti-Israel measures.

Would The Times' reaction be the same for a candidate who had expressed anti-gay marriage sentiments or did not support diversity at UC?

President Obama said that it's impossible to overlook black history as it relates to the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. Should Jews and supporters of Israel be asked to forget about their history of oppression or the Holocaust?

The Board of Regents overwhelmingly voted to confirm Sadia Saifuddin, the first Muslim student regent in UC history. Though I did not, I congratulate her on this historic appointment.

But for The Times to criticize expressed fears as if they are trivial is not worthy of a great newspaper.

Norman Pattiz, Beverly Hills. The writer is a UC regent. The views expressed here are his own.

LA Times on: the latest about the UC Davis Pepper Spray ongoing fallout -- (what is the status of things on the Berkeley part of the report?) and First Amendment Coalition has a breakdown of what it all means: Court Requires Disclosure of Unredacted Pepper Spray Reports
UT San Diego editorial on Napolitano a short one - guess most of their 'ink' is having to go to their mayor right now.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"students dismissed those actions and said Napolitano only backed those programs after President Obama announced his own support."

ABC and Univision: Undocumented Students Describe Fears of Napolitano as New U.C. President
Ronquillo, who was born in the Philippines, also expressed frustration with Napolitano’s selection because he said it happened “quickly and secretly,” something several newspapers in California and U.C. professors have also complained about.

Looks like Univision, Telemundo, other outlets etc. are going to be covering the UC Regents meetings now (did not see any coverage before) so look for them at the press section at UC Regents meetings. They'll get to report on the 'UC siempre como una telenovela'...exciting.

View more videos at:

Student regent designate on Napolitano here
Meranze on: The Napolitano Appointment And The Regent's Rejection Of The University

He points to a post here on Regent Kieffer and his uncertainty on shared governance.

Want to point out something else to consider along with that from the last UC Regents meeting, just consider the cumulative effect of this as SOP over time:

1.During the buildings and grounds committee meeting on late Tues. afternoon Regent M and Regent De La Pena raised multiple concerns with regard to how the UCSD Med development projects were placed on the UC Regents agenda (toggle to the 1:07 mark). The UC Regents agenda drives the university, it is no small thing. They both asked whether or not it was following a proper established flow that apparently Regent Makarechian and Regent De La Pena felt should be followed- a set understanding b/ween the UC Regents and (what is supposed to be) their support staff. What Regent M and Regent De La Pena were told was that CFO Taylor,EVP Business Operatons Brostrom, Patrick Lenz, and Dr. Stobo had a meeting among themselves and THEY decided to place it on the agenda for the UC Regents meeting apparently without consulting with UC Regent committee chair Regent M and UC Regent committee chair De La Pena. That was really troubling to see play out-a potential indicator regental authority has moved... elsewhere. Does the UC allow for this shift in power in its constitutional by laws? Is it just considered delegating?

2. Does UC's constitutional autonomy remain in effect when the UC Regents have given so many easements, given away so much of their power to their senior administrators? Let's also note here: Ex Officio UC Regent and CA State Assembly Speaker Perez's statement this weekend that the UC Regent recruitment process of Napolitano was a "flawed" set up. Were the full Board of Regents ever in discussions on how to proceed? Was there ever an opportunity for ex officio UC Regent Speaker Perez to say to all of the other UC Regents "this proposed process is flawed"- and to have the other regents respond to that discussion prior to beginning the recruitment? Or, was it 'Special Committee'd' right from the start?

While we are at it?

Does UC's constitutional autonomy remain in effect when the UC President's office claims it has no oversight of individual campuses admin processes? This has been stated frequently in stories with unpleasant UC headlines multiple times.

[can I point just a couple of other things out? a)Yudof has in the past bemoaned how some faculty members expect to be kept in the loop as though they are executive vps b)Regent Ruiz has wondered at uc regent compensation meetings if uc regents are capable or incapable of making the complex decisions required- decisions outside their expertise- he said the UC Regents may be obsolete at the Jan Meeting this year.- Ruiz is now vice chair of the uc regents c) Jerry Brown is outta town studying his ancestry in Ireland and Germany while the LA Times blames him for the Udacity etc problems at San Jose State-- this is how public higher education is being run in the great state of California right now...]
You Can't Manage Up...
but you can teach--University Probe has a new post: UC 101: Educating Our New President by Charles Schwartz, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley.
Some links from UVa on Napolitano: coverage U Va has provided on Napolitano and how she is viewed at U Va, how they view her work process etc. and: here is one other piece, and one more.

David Petraeus' name comes up briefly in a couple of those links. Did his name come up in the recruitment for UC President? He recently accepted positions at CUNY and USC. Why are the powers that be- the ones who 'OK' the candidates- including at USC and at CUNY- so eager for this particular type of talent as major players in higher education?
on positive spin: here.

For something looking similar in SF see this and this

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Speaker Perez, Napolitano- "Private Conversations"

State Assembly Speaker: UC Regents Selection Process "Flawed"
he talks about many federal and state programs throughout
at 5:50 mark he talks about the recent moves on CPRA-- his account-- it is interesting to hear it.
On Napolitano:
California State Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, criticized the UC Board of Regents for the process used in selecting Janet Napolitano as its new President, calling it a "very flawed search."

"It should have been a much more open and deliberative process" Perez said on NBC 4's News Conference program. "They should have narrowed it down to a short list and had the short list of candidates interact with students, faculty and staff."

Perez said he nevertheless supports the selection of the Homeland Security Secretary for the position. "You can have a bad process and have a good outcome... sometimes it's called getting lucky."

Perez said he had initial concerns regarding Napolitano, relating directly to her department's deportation of 142,000 immigrants in the country illegally. He feared Napolitano would have a "chilling effect on the campus environment, especially students who were undocumented." Perez said private conversations with Napolitano convinced him to support her nomination.

View more videos at:

Here is the part specifically about Napolitano:

View more videos at:

Perez (who, some will surely note did not complete his studies at UC- at least not yet)
pointed out that Napolitano and Yudof both have JDs-- but several outlets list Yudof actually has an ol' school LL.B. -- Perez is trying to make the point that the JD is a "terminal degree" like a PhD. Perez does not mention Yudof's research into higher education, his prior work in Minnesota and Texas etc.- and he does not compare that with Napolitano's CV...Perez also gives a reality check on Napolitano's prior work with the AZ leg and taps down any possibilities of her breezing through/ploughing down Sacramento,"different dialect", and he mentions UC's broad constitutional autonomy...

Reasons, different points of view, questions, roundup...

from Reason: Janet Napolitano Is Wrong Pick to Lead University of California
Based on her tenure in the federal government, the DHS chief will be an advocate for more of everything that has turned the current university system into such a bureaucratic, scandal-plagued mess.
The Sacramento Bee noted that Napolitano’s selection “marks shift from academia to politics.” That’s almost right. UC has always been deeply involved in politics, but now it dispenses with the veneer of academic priorities.
If the system were looking for someone to maintain the status quo, it would have been better to at least have selected an accomplished educator. Napolitano is the worst of all worlds, which is bad news for taxpayers, students and the state of California.

apparently a UC alum... Paul Mulshine posts: "And with Napolitano running U.C., I think that system will be minting new Ron Paul supporters by the thousands just in time for Rand's run for president in 2016. Check the clip above of Ron appearing at Berkeley during his campaign for the 2012 GOP nomination." here: "The Ron Paul crowd and the left agree: No Janet Napolitano at the University of California"
a UCSD student offers this: ls New UC President Janet Napolitano Prepared to Lead? by Henry Flat
Remaking the University: Some Unanswered Questions for UC President-Elect Napolitano
Reclaim UC w/ this: Qualified Criticism: What Is A "Good" Administrator For?
reasons - ol' school

Friday, July 19, 2013

Regent Kieffer isn't sure what shared governance is

he brought up a request for a study on it as it relates to UC during the morning long range planning session at the 1:50:45 mark. not sure where the administration's authority is and where it isn't, Pattiz and Reiss also make statements wanting to cover this -- academic freedom and academic responsibility. An important section to review. (gossipy item: just prior to Keiffer's suggestion-- Pattiz makes a joke about Fox News and the camera is on Gavin Newsom, and he smirks in a way that makes one think he might have been thinking of his ex, Kimberley Guillfoyle (sp?), a Fox News employee in NY...)
reminded of Keiffer's comments after reading this: Clear and Present Dangers of Janet Napolitano's Appointment as UC President

At the very least, the Regents should have afforded a longer period for consideration of Secretary Napolitano's nomination. Instead, in the very announcement of her nomination they actually forbade any discussion: "Note to reporters: Out of respect for the appointment process, neither Napolitano nor the University of California will comment further until after the regents have acted on her recommended appointment". How can anyone trust the Regents when they consider "respect" to be not questioning their decision until after its been confirmed. Shades of pre-Arab Spring Tunisia or Egypt, anyone?

What is truly frightening here is that the senior academic leadership, in the system-wide Academic Senate, seems to have completely supported not just her hiring, but this closed, secretive and completely undemocratic process through which it has proceeded. It's one thing when the Administration wants to stop all debate. When the colleagues who are supposed to be representing your interests so easily fall into line, the future of faculty self-governance at one of the universities that pioneered the concept is truly dark. And with the end of self-governance, any remaining hope that UC can return to its former state of health will be lost.

UC faculty should consider ourselves served notice that the UC to which so many of us have devoted our professional lives has finally been put out to pasture, and that a very different institution, administered by people with increasingly little experience, understanding or even concern for the core purposes and ethics of higher education, is emerging in its place. The question is, What are we going to do about it?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I think the UC Regents...

have bought themselves a long term headache
they have awakened a sleeping and growing giant
this is the most thuggish looking process for presenting the new UC President
corporate types towing the party line seated in the front rows
shutting off mic, denying members of the university community time to speak
it is looking like martial law-
- like taking the position by force, literally
the secretary to the regents saying "where's Mark, where's Mark?! what do you want to do, what do you want to do?! we gotta get outta here!"
Chair Varner "Regents please clear the room"
you should watch this for yourself
Climate change is not going to matter if the world is bereft of freedom
Gov Brown photos in Ireland tweeted out- He should be watching this, here.
Expected it to be heated at the UC Regents meeting today
that was expected
I did not expect to feel so deeply, deeply sad
This is not the University of California.
they are back in session,room was cleared
mostly press in front row now
UC Regent Flores is speaking- she had to waive her hand to be recognized...
Both UC Student Regent voting "no" on her appointment.
Newsom gives a pol speech. Reiss and Lansing try to piggy back on it.
Can't play "Blame it on Barack"- can't say 'it was the White House policy and I was just the secretary'. Hope she does not say that, like others have tried to say in her defense.
She serves at the pleasure of the President and able to submit her resignation at any time.
Her compensation at UC includes a base salary lower than Mark Yudof's - according to Reiss and Lansing- she requested it and gender was not considered in recruitment.
Napolitano gives her speech, she now includes staff and alumni in her remarks.
She goes around the table to shake hands, she makes a point to talk to Sadia, and Blum makes a point to hug...political gestures everywhere.
Meeting adjourned 2:45pm. will post news coverage as links below as they become available:

Daily Cal Live Blog

Daily Bruin and more Daily Bruin

UCR Highlander

UCSC got to it in a different way in early June- it will be interesting to hear their voice on Napolitano once they are back at full sail.

San Jose Mercury News w/ photos

SF Chron - from AP

Fox news

Politico, yep, politico

Reuters and a longer version

Fox News Latino

nbc bay area

abclocal- kgo - they interviewed Gavin Newsom and Charlie Eaton

KTVU news

Wonder if Janet Napolitano is going to make Oakland her home? What would that mean for the area?

U Va is her other alma mater (in addition to University of Santa Clara) -so, what would Janet do? she even received some sort of alumni medal a while back, is she friends with Dragas Malfoy?

Sac Bee coverage of Napolitano appointment as UC Pres.

"You cannot understand what it means to appoint Janet Napolitano for office until it gets to your dinner table, until you look into your mother's eyes and you see fear for her daughter.... And she's asking herself if immigrant students of color are going to be safe at the university," UC Irvine student Andrea Gaspar said in addressing the regents.

Student regent Cynthia Flores voted against Napolitano's nomination, saying she has instilled fear in many immigrant homes.

When does ex officio UC Regent Speaker Perez attend another UC Regents meeting... what were his comments on the nomination? have to go back and check.

Good overview of what else happened at the meeting today here.

Bob Meister made comments that hit on this more seriously-will try to find a clip if available- but, right now, we need a laugh.

UC Regents Meeting and Special Meeting Today, July 18

see: the full agenda, background docs and how to connect to watch listen (You have to leave the connection open so that you can catch the open session, nothing starts on time. If you are just listening to the audio link you have to keep clicking the refresh.) Meetings have been added to the agenda and the agenda and docs may be revised up until the actual meeting. Times are PST.

Thursday, July 18
8:30 am Committee of the Whole - Public Comment (open session)
8:50 am Committee on Compensation (open session)
9:00 am Committee on Educational Policy (open session)
10:45 am Committee on Long Range Planning (open session)
11:00 am Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session)
11:30am Board (open session)

1:00 pm Special Meetings to Appoint a President of the University of California (check the separate agenda

For a summary of decisions during this week's UC Regent Meetings See Daily Cal

Napolitano prepares for debut before University of California board, confirmation vote
By Associated Press


John W. Whitehead founder and president of The Rutherford Institute wrote this: Janet Napolitano’s Orwellian legacy- he uses the greatest hits format...

Opposition rises to Janet Napolitano as next UC president

"Napolitano is contrary to every other president that UC has ever had. It seems to be a sign that they want to make a change, but it's not clear what that direction is," said William Drummond, a professor at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism.

"This is a question that will be hotly debated as people drift back from vacation – what does this mean about who the university is? Are we still the crown jewel in the academic world? … Or now are we turning into more of a political entity, something that's kicked around within the framework of partisan politics? That's the uncertainty about what this means."

Christopher Newfield, a UC Santa Barbara professor who studies higher education issues, wrote a blog post criticizing UC for its interest in what he called the nation's "top cop."
full article at the Sac Bee
The truth is the opposition to her is coming from both the right and the left and the rest are on the fence - only the small cadre responsible for appointing her have effusive things to say. In reading the extensive coverage and many, many comments that is what comes across.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Half of the regents haven't even had a chance to talk to her about how she would approach the job — a job that involves 10 campuses, 170,000 faculty and staff members and more than 220,000 students.

see LA Times Editorial: Why the rush on Napolitano?
The outgoing secretary of Homeland Security may be a brilliant choice to serve as the new president of the University of California. But how can we tell?

The Times reported that some UC officials thought Napolitano's Cabinet experience would help her run UC's energy and nuclear laboratories, but those are a small and ancillary part of the university's mission. Also mentioned was that she might be able to aid in the university's federally funded research, though there's no obvious connection between running the Department of Homeland Security and being an expert on research grants.

likely, 'the fix' is in...

We don't know her record yet as Secretary of DHS yet,

do we?

So many things come out after the person has left office - we see it time and time again. It can be good or bad - a big gamble for those responsible for appointing her.
and did Powell get to actually meet and talk with her at length at any point: "“I have heard that she’s a good leader, she brings people together, but she’s also firm, and I like all of those traits,” said Bob Powell, chair of UC’s Academic Senate, the body that advocates for faculty on scholarly issues."
Anyway,other thoughts: Celebrity Trumps Substance By Joe Kiskis (UC Davis) (interestingly, Gov. Brown recently made comments about his fascination with the power of celebrity in advancing ideas, will try to find the link. Here it is article from my alumni Cal mag titled Administering Change, primarily about Dirks but there's this: While Brown, he adds, is fascinated by some of the academic superstars whose work he doesn’t necessarily understand or appreciate, he’s really interested in the relationship between ideas and celebrity.) it gets down to a deep truth, we've known for some time-- there are rock stars, and then there are ROCK STARS.
More on the Mitch Daniels denying he tried to censor Indiana Universities story - as it relates to a popular opinion that Daniels career trajectory into higher ed is like Napolitano...
Looks like the UC Regents have moved at 1:45pm PST to closed sessions for the remainder of the day - they begin open session again tomorrow at 8:30am- see previous posts for agenda etc.
The (Acting) CA Governor On What UC Needs and Napolitano's Compensation
read about it at the Sac Bee

“At Berkeley we have the largest collection of Nobel Prize winners on the planet. Many others at UCLA and elsewhere, she’s nowhere in that spectrum at all," he said. "She’s not going to have the respect of these people.”

see: As UC regents vote on Napolitano as president, critics cite lack of academic background

But UCLA law professor Abraham Wagner said Napolitano's lack of academic experience is a big deal. He points out that she will be making big decisions affecting professors' scholarship and research.

“At Berkeley we have the largest collection of Nobel Prize winners on the planet. Many others at UCLA and elsewhere, she’s nowhere in that spectrum at all," he said. "She’s not going to have the respect of these people.”

Some students aren't too pleased, either. Like this alum: The Case Against the Napolitano Nomination
Wasn't this the first Cal acad guy who worked on Op Ex? (then, some other engineering faculty took it on) Guess he doesn't want to stick around for the results...UC San Diego names Berkeley professor new dean of Jacobs School of Engineering
Sac Bee is tweeting the UC Regents meeting
The strangest thing about the discussion that led up to the vote on the student regent designate (just before they broke for lunch at 11:50am PST) is that all of the caveats, all of the qualifiers (from Reiss and Lansing on behalf of Reiss, Yudof, Varner)- those caveats and qualified statements also apply to the very same regents who expressed their explanation for their votes in support or to abstain. In fact, their regent positions aren't even put to a vote- but maybe they can't see that view. Lots of folks allow them to fill the position of regent even though they bring their own business and other interests as baggage, too.
Regent Blum: on North Korea and Berkeley, anti semitism and stop lights and his clients in the region, whew. You just have to read or view his comments in full- eventually he became eloquent in his vote to abstain.
At the end of the vote Mark Yudof looked somber, very serious as he talked with Chair Varner. Blum mentioned the emails he got and Yudof probably got and will continue to get flack for voting for her. Likely, the continued coverage of her future in the position is going to be something on par with what no other student regent has experienced. Hopefully, the other (full 12 year termed) regents will recognize that aspect and be a support to both student regents as they chart these waters.
Don't know how the vote broke down, for instance, how Newsom voted on it.
Gavin Newsom is acting Gov. while Brown is traveling Ireland and Germany.
Lansing and Reiss were on a delayed flight from LA so they arrived at the meeting around 10:45am and Gould and Newsom also walked in to the room around the same time. Don't see or hear Regent Pattiz around, either.
ugh, the fiat flush next to the seal... HuffPo also covers the vote: here. And really complete coverage of many sides here by NBC Bayarea.

Since we are sorta on this topic: Leon Panetta might want to note Napolitano is apparently Methodist so Hail Marys not likely- and Joe Matthews characterization of UC faculty is...jaw dropping.

UC Regents Meeting Today, July 17

see: the full agenda, background docs and how to connect to watch listen (You have to leave the connection open so that you can catch the open session, nothing starts on time. If you are just listening to the audio link you have to keep clicking the refresh.) Meetings have been added to the agenda and the agenda and docs may be revised up until the actual meeting. Times are PST.

Wednesday, July 17

8:30 am Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session)
9:30 am Board(open session)
9:40 am Committee on Finance (open session)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session)
1:30 pm Committee on Compensation (closed session)
1:45 pm Committee on Compensation (Regents only session)
2:00 pm Committee on Governance (Regents only session)
2:10 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session)
2:30 pm Committee on Finance (Regents only session)
3:15 pm Board (Regents only session)

For a summary of decisions during this week's UC Regent Meetings See Daily Cal

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Napolitano Never Met With CUCFA?!

Each day another example of how the recruitment was designed to alienate,tick off multiple important UC stakeholders, (you have to work w/ intention to do it this badly):
CUCFA Statement On The Selection Of Janet Napolitano As Incoming UC President
The Council of the University of California Faculty Associations (CUCFA) urges brisk and open discussion within and without the university community of the Board of Regents’ choice of Janet Napolitano to replace Mark Yudof as the new President of the University of California. We also urge Janet Napolitano to join in these discussions. She was chosen by the Regents in the course of a secretive process that largely excluded the meaningful participation of UC faculty; now she has been asked to refrain from dialogue with the press, and the university community she hopes to lead, until her appointment is officially confirmed. But Janet Napolitano is a member of the public we serve, and transparency of information and the free exchange of ideas are of the utmost importance to the University of California. We ask her to demonstrate her own commitment to these values by confirming her support of the Master Plan and meeting with representatives of the academic community, CUCFA among them, to discuss our concerns and hopes for the future of our university.

"the way I see it the biggest problem is that professors simply just have a big incentive to pass students along."

What follows has been common talk among GSIs, even within earshot of undergrads. The profs sometimes even encourage the open complaining about it- particularly directed at the community college transfer population, and they encourage GSIs/Rs to I.D the students from that population using student info systems- not healthy for undergrads to have this directed at them without a solution, resources. It looks like it (the open complaining) is also used as a bonding ritual among profs and their GSIs in certain quarters.

On the other hand, there are some points that are raised in the piece below that (if true at UCSB, other campuses) should be addressed:
Open Letter to Janet Napolitano: Please Help the UC System Escape the Culture of Mediocrity by Jason Saltoun-Ebin on his experiences at UCSB
"Another way to look at the problem is to think about why professors are perpetuating a culture of mediocrity. There are many reasons, I'm sure, but the way I see it the biggest problem is that professors simply just have a big incentive to pass students along. First, doing so minimizes the likelihood that their students will give them negative reviews, especially important for professors who do not have tenure. More importantly, by passing students along professors protect their department from budget cuts as departmental funding, in many cases, is tied to the number of students enrolled in their department. Thus, the better the grade the student gets, the more likely they are to think favorably of that department and in turn recommend a course in that department to a friend."
Fortune/CNN concerns over the sudden departure of the CIO...
See: Worsening Problems With UC Pay "a proposal to increase employer and employee contributions to the pension again next year. Each of these increases helps make the pension fund (UCRP) more solvent. Each also amounts to annual cuts to staff and faculty take-home pay."
On Napolitano- Daniels comparisons
Mitch Daniels is being offered up as an example of a Governor without an academic background leading a university like Napolitano- um:
Mitch Daniels Sought To Censor Public Universities, Professors

Emails obtained by The Associated Press through a Freedom of Information Act request show Daniels requested that historian and anti-war activist Howard Zinn's writings be banned from classrooms and asked for a "cleanup" of college courses. In another exchange, the Republican talks about cutting funding for a program run by a local university professor who was one of his sharpest critics.

Daniels has adopted a different public approach since taking over at Purdue. He hosted a lecture that included AAUP members on speech suppression at universities nationwide, and he sent an "open letter" to the Purdue community in January saying universities have squashed free speech rather than encourage it.

"The academies that, through the unique system of tenure, once enshrined freedom of opinion and inquiry now frequently are home to the narrowest sort of closed-mindedness and the worst repression of dissident ideas," he wrote.

are you seeing the same non PC ad placement next to this story at Daily Cal?
just cuz, T.O.P --xo Lenny Williams xo just gets it.

UC Regents Meeting -Tuesday, July 16

see: the full agenda, background docs and how to connect to watch listen (You have to leave the connection open so that you can catch the open session, nothing starts on time. If you are just listening to the audio link you have to keep clicking the refresh.) Meetings have been added to the agenda and the agenda and docs may be revised up until the actual meeting. Times are PST.

on the agenda for Tues.:
3:00 pm Committee on Grounds and Buildings (Regents only session)
3:15 pm Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session)
Summary of Decisions during this meeting can be found at Daily Cal
open session began at 3:48pm
there was public comment, only one speaker giving a thank you on bldg UC Merced bldgs
Regent M chairs
Regent M and Regent De La Pena raised some good questions about why the first UCSD Med presentation agenda item was being presented to Regent M's buildings and grounds committee rather than Regent De La Pena's Health committee first...
Apparently Brostrom,Lenz,Stobo and Taylor had a meeting amongst themselves and decided to put this on the UC Regent agenda in this way
The UC Regent Chairs Regent M and Regent De La Pena were not included in the loop to decide how best to handle placing it on the agenda and so a lot of time was spent on a confusion and a questioning of whether this approach/flow of this agenda item through this way was, --- proper.

Regent M is asking on item GB4 why UCSD is paying $40 million dollar inducements to build capital projects at UCSD and he is getting not a straight forward answer from UCSD.
(Regent Zettel is wearing a neck brace.)
Peter Taylor is now trying to answer- he is at Chancellor Blumenthal's seat and mic.
One of the ex officio UC Regents (Feingold) is helping to explain the UCSD materials and answer the questions in a more understandable way than UCSD was able to answer.

Dr. De La Pena is also now trying to deduce the arrangements. He raises questions on 25% threshold on augmentation requests, budget overruns, change of scope.

General Counsel gives answer, Regent M suggests policy review.
Regent Ruiz suggest Finance committee should review policy on augmentations
General Counsel suggests that recommendations be drafted- Lenz says he will try towork on that for next meeting.
Regent De La Pena says otherwise create conditions.
Fac Advisor asks questions on gifts and STIP pool.
UCSD Chancellor Khosla raises concerns about stipulations on STIP proposed by De La Pena.
Taylor is squeamish about using the word arbitrage uttered by Khosla...
Regent M wraps it up, item approved.
Nimitz Pier project up next.
Questions on indirect cost recovery.
Khosla answers very clearly.
Zettel asks about UNOLS cost recovery
Bruce Applegate answers yes, gives a good overview, explanation of reciprocity agreements etc. within oceanographic community.
They mention raising height of pier two feet in anticipation of climate change over the next period of years-- YIKES
item approved
meeting adjourns.
you can watch the archive of the broadcast of this meeting at the link provided at the top of this post. Tomorrows meeting begins at 8:30am.

"Napolitano’s announcement of her resignation from DHS even before the Regents’ vote on her hire points to the Regents’ lack of respect for even the most basic democratic mechanisms in this hiring process."

and: "Napolitano’s experience at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) qualifies her to manage a security, law enforcement, or disaster management agency, but not the world’s premier public university system. The Regents’ equation of this experience with experience appropriate for university governance reflects disturbing priorities for the future of the UC. Furthermore, what record Napolitano does have of safeguarding public education is appalling: during her time as governor, Arizona ranked among the bottom five states in per-pupil spending."

you can read: the full statement from UAW 2865 – UC Student-Workers Union regarding the recent appointment of ex-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano as the President of the UC. It is also posted on the home page: here.
It wasn't just the announcement of resignation in advance of the vote that made it look bad -- it was the announcement of her moving over to UC within her resignation letter as a fait accompli in advance of the regent vote. (It is supposed to be a nomination, vote, then appointment.) It looks--not good.
Note: some of the UC Regents RubberStampers began meeting yesterday and some will meet later today-- first full day of meeting will begin tomorrow morning, here's links to the agenda, schedule for the week.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dirks On Napolitano and Higher Ed

Janet and Nick-'my father was dean'; "I love fundraising"; private higher ed as 'the private sector';the view that the public represented through regent actions; on international students and his relationship to Jerry Brown (and their wives) and the caste system (but not on the faculty caste system at UC); online,EdX and MOOC instruction; faculty recruitments, poaching; on 'the house cleaning at Columbia' and Op Ex at Cal; Graduate Student debt and wages and COLA; on protests and responses to protests;Cal football; student/faculty ratio; teaching core curriculum;... more, listen here:

and then read the excerpt provided here toward the end, read it a few times...

comments on the audio portion can be found here.
update: at the 15:30 mark they talk about Dirks' and Brown's shared interest in former UC Regent and anthropologist Bateson, here is background pulled from the LA Times:
“He’s appointed some of the best people, in my judgment, and some of the worst,” said the late Wilson Riles, the former superintendent of public instruction, of Brown’s appointees to the board in 1979. “There’s no pattern. He’s moved by the spirits.” Riles criticized Brown for naming members who had “no understanding of the university.”

That was confirmed by Regent Gregory Bateson, the anthropologist best known for his work with porpoises and named to the board by Brown. He once said he was “unable to have an opinion on most of the matters that come before our board … To correct my incompetence and ignorance,” he wrote in a letter to the UC president, “it would be necessary to do a great deal of work. But I am not motivated to do that work.”

Bateson went on to say that students “will get little from the university if they come to it, and when they leave will give back to society rather little of what they got.”

So, Wm Bratton...

is, according to CS Monitor: one of the names being talked up to replace Napolitano.

You might recall him from the Kroll/Reynoso/Pepper Reports on UC Davis more here and here.

The report turned out to be pretty thoroughly scathing against UC and UC Davis administration, practices. For a flashback- or, if you've never read it--you can: view the full report here.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Powell Storyboards The Brown-Napolitano Relationship

In Sac Bee: "When he starts talking about the pressures he's under, she's going to understand those things in a different way from Mark (Yudof)," Powell said. "She'll know how far she can take a conversation, and Jerry is going to know she understands."

Powell also said UC may benefit from being led by a Washington insider when it comes to the flow of federal dollars for financial aid, UC's five hospitals and the three national laboratories it manages.

first it is "blunt conversations"
then it is 'she will feel his pain'
Hold hands.
then, it is they will condole

"No Cushy Gig"-- that means no cushy relationships among the top players...everybody (and their respective staff, spouses)has their own agenda.

Time Mag. In Move to University of California, Napolitano Trades One Challenging Bureaucracy for Another- The departing Homeland Security secretary may have had enough of Washington, but running the financially strained UC system is no cushy gig

LA Times storyboarding--Napolitano will pull a Pope Francis?: "If Napolitano accepts a significantly lower package than Yudof has received, there might be a message that she wants to return the university to the days when leadership positions were seen more as a public service than as a sinecure that calls for ever-more-competitive pay."
and: " A public affairs spokesman for UC said that Napolitano is humble about how little she knows, and plans to do much touring, watching and listening at UC's 10 campuses before she makes any moves. And that, at least, speaks to her managerial smarts."

No constituent group at UC is going to tolerate an extended "listening tour"- that actually is NOT smart. It looks like you're thrown on a snowball going down hill, you don't get to stay in listening mode...Dynes did a tour.

The job starts Day One.
See links etc at Reclaim UC on 'Napolitano and The Securitized University' (one correction though: Peter Taylor is CFO, Brostrom is EVP Business Ops, two different positions)
The LA Times poll is now at 14,000+ and 78% disapproval of Napolitano

Cal Pol Issues suggests that maybe: "There seems to be more unhappiness with the appointment on the right than on the left"

but the Davis Vanguard (by a UC alum and from a Davis/Sacto crowd) says of their readership response: "surprising hot topic on Friday about the appointment to the UC Presidency of former homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano. That one caught me off guard. I put it in there with the expectation I was setting the table for a pointed commentary over the weekend that never emerged because the original piece and ensuing comments hit it all. In retrospect, it had all of the elements to draw a crowd. Napolitano proved as unpopular for the right as she did for the far left, and even those in the middle had little to offer in defense. Plus, there are so many different points of complaint about her."

and you can take a look at the extensive comments here for some add'l opinions: Napolitano to Become New UC President, Resigns as Homeland Security Chief
since storyboarding is big: for Gov. Brown on his trip to Ireland and Germany...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

" Leaks to the media are equated with espionage."

Obama’s crackdown views leaks as aiding enemies of U.S.

"it extends beyond the U.S. national security bureaucracies to most federal departments and agencies nationwide, including the Peace Corps, the Social Security Administration and the Education and Agriculture departments. It emphasizes leaks of classified material, but catchall definitions of “insider threat” give agencies latitude to pursue and penalize a range of other conduct."

Questions raised over whether or not UC's potential new president had a hand in crafting this policy, to what extent etc.

and other links from Remaking the University
Napolitano at Pomona College Graduation 2010

Napolitano at SJSU in 2012: cybersecurity. PRISM.

Napolitano's DHS, Interior Among 5 of the Worst-Run Federal Programs

There seem to be a few of these links on various blogs going around - will try to add to the above list for interesting items. Important also to think of this in context with what recently happened with the CA Legislature over the CPRA Act etc. Strange times.
Humanities in crisis? Not at most schools in NYT by Scott Saul, an associate professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley

The 'University of California Is A Political Problem'; also, it looks like a bad example for the recruitment process

That's the view at Reuters: Napolitano to inherit turmoil at helm of University of California
"The thinking is, you bring in someone with political savvy to solve what is essentially a political problem," Stripling said.
Sac Bee gets to it: Editorial: UC Isn't Public When It Comes To Picking Leader

"... But it is disappointing that the university community and the public have so little time to consider her record and for her to interact with university constituencies and the public in open forums before the regents make a decision.

Can she explain to all Californians why UC is important to the social, political and economic vibrancy of the state? Can she inspire UC's students and staff? Can she command the respect of the faculty?

Such a public vetting of its finalists has not been the UC tradition, but it should be.
"The thinking is, you bring in someone with political savvy to solve what is essentially a political problem," Stripling said.

Outgoing UC President Mark Yudof's nomination was announced on a Thursday in March 2008 and regents approved his appointment the following Thursday.

Public interaction would be helpful for the nominee, the university community and the public, part of the relationship-building needed to have a successful UC presidency. Unfortunately, secrecy and springing an appointment on the Friday before the regents' Thursday meeting, with no hint in the agenda of the upcoming presidential decision, do nothing to help the nominee's credibility.

That's why, in Texas, the names of University of Texas presidential finalists must be made public at least 21 days before the Board of Regents decision.

That's why the University of New Mexico, University of Utah, University of Minnesota, University of Vermont, University of Nebraska, University of Florida, University of Wisconsin and others announce presidential finalists and have the candidates meet and interact with faculty, staff, students and community members in open public forums."

--Actually it is not "so little time to interact"- she is not being made available for interviews or interactions with the press or public or UC community until AFTER the UC Regents vote next week.

the Chron Higher Ed covers Napolitano nomination with an emphasis on the important PR mission for splash...

LA Times poll survey has been 77% against Napolitano for the past 24+ hours since the announcement (about 13,000 voted)

Business Insider goes a bit over the top on the news
PS Let us keep in mind the process for the Dynes appointment as we consider all of this- imo it looks like there are still aftershocks...affecting the process.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Napolitano Doesn't Mention UC Staff

in fact no one does. see: Regents' special committee nominates Janet Napolitano for next UC president

""If appointed, I intend to reach out and listen to chancellors, to faculty, to students, to the state's political leaders, to regents, to the heads of the other public higher education systems and, of course, to President Yudof and his team, who have done so much to steer the University of California through some extremely rough waters."
** she does not mention Alumni either- what else is new?**
and Washington Post coverage

and the UC Academic Senate Chair's statement.

sounds like Powell also pits Brown against Napolitano in this comment: "“She’s clearly got the capacity to speak to the governor and have blunt conversations about … the trade-offs they need to make,” Powell said."

Brown goes head to head with the Feds regularly on a multitude of issues and it does not result in team of rivals benefits of blunt conversation... it results in confusion, delays and funding problems and on and on.

Daily Cal storify on it.

Remaking the University posts thoughts/doubts on the nomination
for a run-on question: Birgeneau said awhile back that UC is becoming a federal university - or, he said Cal is becoming a federal university. Is it possible that the flagship (Berkeley) and UCLA, etc. are becoming federal with the "political simulacra" of UCOP supporting them, and, as a result, all of the other campuses are futilely thinking they are left to 'pursuing their own individual fates' -but really what has happened is that they just lost even more of their power to the federally run parts of UC- they just dropped a few more pegs?

[As far as a Cal pol base support/network for her: Can't think that Brown and Newsom will be a reliable pair up to support her- they are not a pair, big wedge b/ween them on a number of items. They will advance their own ideas for themselves esp. on issues around higher ed. Their own (and, potentially, their wives) political futures to consider.

The interests of Steinberg and Speaker Perez also are all over the place.

Speaker Perez always flies under the radar on all of this- but he is a powerhouse with his own supporters.

and to rely on some sort of DiFi, Pelosi, Boxer statements of 'she's a woman and deserves it as first ever blah blah' is not going to work as the main driver for Hilary Clinton -much less Napolitano. (obviously, HRC has more going for her w/in beltway- and that is what will drive the bid for POTUS.) and someone like Willie Brown as supporter-- well, Kamala Harris...

Lately, there has been this thing of high profile people making comments about 'sitting at the table even if you don't think you are qualified simply b/c you are a woman' etc. talk and others claiming that they are being singled out for bad behavior just because they are female when it really might be about real problems, not just being female. It is a form of spin that is really a demoralizing approach. Can't the nominees or candidates just be presented for their strongest features and let things go from there?! Women can succeed, just like men. Women can mess things up, just like men. Hope Napolitano does not participate in this spin/posing approach.]


when, to fill in her academic background, UC Regents mention her dad's work at U. New Mexico - mostly thought of UD's extensive coverage of UNM, here is just a sample...

Remember when Yudof said UC is like running the Pentagon?

in this article: "Or, as Yudof put it, “This job is akin to steering the Pentagon.” ... pension reform and, in general, running “a more parsimonious operation.”

then you see how he tipped off the direction they were going to go:
Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security chief, to head UC

Napolitano to head University of California

A "final separation" of UCOP and Regents (and the labs etc.) from the university? Yep.

DiFi? and Arizona political interests at play.

(on the petty side--it also is a response to the UC Regents and Yudof feeling upstaged by Gov. Brown at meetings, perhaps. In fact, are we getting a Brown appointed UC Regents base vote for the nominee? Or, is this still Schwarzenegger's UC Regents- and thus, their UC Regent Pres. nominee?)

Here is: Jerry Brown on the Napolitano nomination
Societal advances depend on basic science and new technologies -from Birgeneau on the home page
and for Dirks you gotta go to the LA Times (is he still the 'chancellor in waiting'):
"A brighter outlook for higher education in California
It's heartening to see voters, legislators and administrators united again in support of the Master Plan."
-Are they really?

folks thinkin' 'bout the master plan? seems like folks are barely paying attention- even to this development...
an appropriate time to warn about nostalgia...
Data show increase in number of nonresident students planning to enroll in UC
Constitutional amendment aiming to repeal Prop. 209 passes education committee in the CA state senate. Napolitano...
What if Jerry Brown were to fill all those UC Regent vacancies?
When would those terms begin and expire?
and what is Mark Yudof's last day as UC President since September is mentioned as the start date for a new UC President?
They could have gone with Petraeus-- then he would not have to deal with CUNY and USC...and all the multiple pay stubs and the recent press.

For recent updates on Napolitano nomination. and UCOP press release.

and here is the agenda for next week's UC Regents meeting.
Is it good for UC to have a future of Governor Brown and Governor Napolitano vying for it?
"Is this a relationship that's fulfilling your needs as well as mine?"

Monday, July 8, 2013

As a Berkeley administrator told me, "Although the University's system may have failed you, perhaps you can seek justice on a larger scale."

"That is exactly what I am going to do."
Sexual Assault and Injustice at UC Berkeley: A Story of Bearing the Path to Cloud IX
An Update On The UC Irvine 11 can be found here at the WSJ site- (for the detail, not nec. for the balance- they make it clear it is not their content...)
UC suspends study abroad program in Egypt
More detail on the CCSF privatization moves. -- (yes, there have been problems with CCSF becoming unwieldy and that needs fixin'-- but some of the current moves are indeed looking like a privatization agenda)
On UC Faculty and the right to speak out on university policies etc. see: this agenda item for the upcoming UC Regents meeting,

the full agenda is here.

hostile workplace, sexual harrassment, part of Title IX, too.
there isn't really that much space between students and staff and faculty concerns, many facing the same issues -just with different titles and in different ways

this was a good read on "UC workers": The Hidden Backbone

and " UC President Mark Yudof has given up on the dream for the University of California to remain a public university supported by the state."

and a Cal Prof op ed on the value of the Humanities
'Cloud IX'...

Gov. Brown: “Students should not be cogs in a corporatized system that cares more about metrics than personalities.”

at least as far as K-12 goes anyway...
see: Brown named Governor of the Year by National Education Association

Prop 30 props...-but do the props belong to the Governor?

Support for CCSF
Check out:Cal's Mary Pipher "The Green Boat"
It looks like Changing Universities Bob Samuels' new book is popular.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

At UC Riverside: "But in a time when we can’t even sustain the staff and faculty to teach our students, spending so much on a program that doesn’t bring in a fraction of its own costs strikes me as very troubling."

see: UCR: A professor’s case against Division I athletics

Univerity Diaries writes more about it: here.

UC Regents Meeting Agenda and Schedule July 16-18

is : posted here, more items will be/may be added, and changed up until the meeting

a: good overview of the agenda items covered here.
and here is more detail on the sudden Chief Investment Officer to Retire press release put out by UCOP:
Chief Investment Officer Marie N. Berggren is retiring after 11 years of service, the University of California Regents and Office of the President announced today (July 1).
Berggren said in a letter that she had decided to retire for personal reasons. Her retirement is effective Tuesday, July 2.

"We are grateful to Marie Berggren for her years of dedicated service as chief investment officer and the many contributions she has made to the University of California," said UC President Mark G. Yudof. "The Board of Regents and I wish her a healthy and fulfilling retirement."

Associate Chief Investment Officer Melvin Stanton and Senior Managing Director-Fixed Income Randy Wedding will manage operations and oversee the investment portfolio, under the direction of UC Chief Financial Officer Peter Taylor. Stanton and Wedding both have decades of experience in investment management. The regents, at their July meeting, are expected to approve an acting CIO to serve while they conduct a national search for Berggren's replacement.

Berggren, whose career in the financial industry has spanned nearly 40 years, was appointed chief investment officer and vice president for investments on June 2, 2006. As chief investment officer, she oversaw an investment portfolio of approximately $80 billion, including retirement, endowment and cash assets.

Before joining the UC staff in 2002, she was executive vice president/department head of venture capital investments for Bank One Corp. While employed at Bank One and its predecessor organization, First Chicago Corp., she was the senior vice president and department head of the corporation's mergers and acquisitions activity. Previously, she was the managing director of public equities and director of research for First Chicago Investment Advisors (the predecessor to Brinson Partners).

Friday, July 5, 2013

Delays, Transit-ions

It was just a delay in tuition hikes for future nurses: LA Times- After proposing increases for about 14,000 graduate and professional school students, university officials now plan to hike fees for about 800 students, mainly in nursing.
Some at UC get in on the BART negotiations story.
Why would HR be happy about denying Americans access to healthcare?
"SHRM, the HR trade association sure was happy, telling their members:
HR professionals across the country are celebrating today, not just in anticipation for Independence Day, but because of the U.S. Treasury Department’s announcement of a one year delay in implementing the employer mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."
California's Open Access Bill Encounters A Hurdle, But Gathers Support
"California's landmark open access bill, the California Taxpayer Access to Publicly Funded Research Act (AB 609), has stalled in the State Senate. But take heart—it is far from dead."
CCSF could be history. more info here.
PS-A question: Is Mark Yudof's last day at UCOP as UC Pres. August 1st or August 31st?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

For Independence: What More In The Name Of Love?

Are political moves being played, cloaked 'in the name of love'? -what are the 'trade- offs' being made?- just some things to think about on Independence Day:

First, see this coverage, w/ this passage:
In his dissent, Kennedy, a California native, wrote that the majority "does not take into account the fundamental principles or the practical dynamics of the initiative system in California," which, like 26 other states, "uses this mechanism to control and to bypass public officials—the same officials who would not defend the initiative."

Because the court "insists upon litigation conducted by state officials whose preference is to lose the case," Kennedy continued, the majority's decision "means that a single district court can make a decision with far-reaching effects that cannot be reviewed."

then see:
Davis Vanguard- UCD Professor Worries That Prop 8 Decision Will Harm Initiative Process --that would be UC Davis law professor Vikram Amar.
First Amendment Coalition took this up a li'l differently: For the Supreme Court’s decision NOT to rule on the constitutionality of gay marriage, you can blame Jerry Brown

Are we going to have to revisit large sections of all of this all over again?
Work is supposed to give independence : Minding the WorkPlace On Independence Day

Also David Yamada's colleagues- the Namies- have some really good recent posts on Snowden and more -as those cases relate to the workplace.

Holidays provoke a gratitude check - so, just want to say it is a great thing that David Yamada writes about (the need for) healthy workplaces and, it seems- like us, sees spectrums...

Maybe bullying is not the equivalent to retaliation- but they are on the same spectrum?

Maybe terms like 'restorative justice' and 'therapeutic justice' are sometimes ploys, traps used by employers etc.?

Maybe they can also be terms for real tangible methods of achieving justice in certain situations. Situations that can fall on a spectrum.

The importance of having experts who can speak fluently, intelligibly, 'conversationally' about it all -accessible- well, that is something to be very grateful for when you find it.

Yamada takes all of this up in various posts and writings, check him out.
While we are at it: Maybe sometimes 'leaking' is not the same thing as protected disclosure - they sit on the same spectrum but at different points? Or, is it the same thing?
Changing Universities has a new post up on UC privatization.

and Condolences to UCSC community on this news.

Why didn't they ever MOOC or online this? possible answer: maybe b/c the students pursuing that degree want the Haas F2F attached to their degrees... - and other depts continue to deal with the drama that crowded major sometimes causes for their courses. If the admin really believe in the MOOC, online then why didn't they... oh, go figure.
Happy 4th y'all.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

At UCLA: "Ghetto Girls", "ongoing"; and compared to the Haas B School "model"

h/t to Cal Pol Issues the 'Penn State-UCLA' post and the post on Haas B School compared to Anderson
"For decades he was in charge of the department's compliance with NCAA rules and UCLA guidelines on academic admissions and on-campus recruiting, the biography said."

Here is: a direct link to the CBS Local that broke the story: "UCLA Employee Resigns Amid Allegations He Engaged In Sexual Chats With Kids Online". The term "ghetto girls" is used in the video.
"For example, Haas’s Center for Executive Education is incorporated as a separate 501(c)3 organization. Administrators at the school say the distinct structure allows for greater flexibility in terms of hiring and paying staff, outreach and program design."
At the moment, the school receives a share of general state appropriations to UC-Berkeley but must give 50 percent of its tuition revenue going back to the university’s central administration.

Is this how folks at Cal see it? How does the Haas set up affect the rest of campus? Is it all sunshine and light?

How does this Special Faculty Permit stuff work?

See: UC Regents Face Big Problems From Doc
Muizelaar told the Bee that he never bothered to get a license to practice medicine in California because he already works 80-100 hours per week and said the license was "not necessary."
"I'll be frank with you, I'm world famous, so they gave me the license to practice here," Muizelaar told the Bee. "I can go sit for the exams, but why would I do that?"
The Lawheads seek punitive damages from Muizelaar and the UC Board of Regents.

it also has this section: "Prior to the referring of Donna L. Lawhead to Jan Paul Muizelaar for neurosurgery, the Regents had received complaints concerning their agent and employee which alleged the following: (a) Muizelaar had the highest rate of patient death and complications of the doctors in the Department of Neurosurgery; (b) Muizelaar had the highest rate of malpractice claims of doctors in the Department of Neurosurgery; (c) Muizelaar had falsified medical records; (d) Muizelaar lacked necessary operative skills as a surgeon; (e) Muizelaar had caused illegal and fraudulent billing practices; (f) Muizelaar received bonuses based in part on the number of surgeries he performed; (g) the Regents earned millions of dollars by continuing to refer patients to Muizelaar for surgery in spite of the above.
"The Regents' decision to provide a special license to Muizelaar to practice neurosurgery even though he could not qualify for a regular medical license, and the Regents continued willingness to employ Muizelaar and to refer patients to him for neurosurgery in spite of his poor surgical skills and dismissal record were decisions motivated by greed. The Regents' motivation was to maximize profits even at the expense of patient safety."

Gov. Brown: "I had an agreement from both the segments that they would carry out online vigorously,"

Sac Bee: Jerry Brown says UC, CSU leaders pledged to pursue online ed 'vigorously'

"I had an agreement from both the segments that they would carry out online vigorously," Brown told reporters at an event in Sacramento. "As the leader of both governing boards, I'm actively engaged with both the University of California and the Cal State."

Monday, July 1, 2013

SCA 3 and University of California

see: First Amendment Coalition has come out in favor of SCA 3, they offer some background.
UC groups and interests will need to determine if they support SCA 3 as well...
Over the weekend SJ Merc: Internal Affairs: Steinberg reportedly rebukes Yee over public records stance

"God forbid you vote your conscience, and then tell people why," said the state Capitol expert we spoke with. The source added it would've been... foolish for anyone to think Yee -- a longtime government-transparency activist who's running for secretary of state next year -- would either vote for the bill or remain silent about it afterward if called by a reporter.

So Yee's public criticism of Steinberg, Budget Committee Chairman Mark Leno and other Democrats who'd voted to water down the Public Records Act shouldn't have come as a surprise. But Steinberg and other Dems reportedly were miffed nonetheless that Yee had hung them out to dry in public.

If it is unclear to you why the CPRA, Brown Act and other sunshine is important read: this latest post from CA Policy Issues at UCLA Fac Blog with details on how UC Regent meetings are broadcast and how the UC Regents maintain- or don't maintain- the records of their meetings.
And Aspen... on ideas, including-- the MOOCs they describe it as "a panel of edX President Anant Agarwal, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute President Shirley Ann Jackson, and co-founder of Coursera Andrew Ng ask have MOOCs live up to the hype? Are MOOCs a viable alternative to the college campus education experience? Will our love affair with technology disrupt that one-on-one connection that so frequently brings learning to life?"

also there:Henry V to Zuckerburg?! really?
on the road...knackered and wonderful.-- shoulda dedicated this to the CA Dems in the Leg who voted to gut the CPRA and created the outrage for themselves.