Monday, July 8, 2013

As a Berkeley administrator told me, "Although the University's system may have failed you, perhaps you can seek justice on a larger scale."

"That is exactly what I am going to do."
Sexual Assault and Injustice at UC Berkeley: A Story of Bearing the Path to Cloud IX
An Update On The UC Irvine 11 can be found here at the WSJ site- (for the detail, not nec. for the balance- they make it clear it is not their content...)
UC suspends study abroad program in Egypt
More detail on the CCSF privatization moves. -- (yes, there have been problems with CCSF becoming unwieldy and that needs fixin'-- but some of the current moves are indeed looking like a privatization agenda)
On UC Faculty and the right to speak out on university policies etc. see: this agenda item for the upcoming UC Regents meeting,

the full agenda is here.

hostile workplace, sexual harrassment, part of Title IX, too.
there isn't really that much space between students and staff and faculty concerns, many facing the same issues -just with different titles and in different ways

this was a good read on "UC workers": The Hidden Backbone

and " UC President Mark Yudof has given up on the dream for the University of California to remain a public university supported by the state."

and a Cal Prof op ed on the value of the Humanities
'Cloud IX'...

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