Tuesday, July 2, 2013

At UCLA: "Ghetto Girls", "ongoing"; and compared to the Haas B School "model"

h/t to Cal Pol Issues the 'Penn State-UCLA' post and the post on Haas B School compared to Anderson
"For decades he was in charge of the department's compliance with NCAA rules and UCLA guidelines on academic admissions and on-campus recruiting, the biography said."

Here is: a direct link to the CBS Local that broke the story: "UCLA Employee Resigns Amid Allegations He Engaged In Sexual Chats With Kids Online". The term "ghetto girls" is used in the video.
"For example, Haas’s Center for Executive Education is incorporated as a separate 501(c)3 organization. Administrators at the school say the distinct structure allows for greater flexibility in terms of hiring and paying staff, outreach and program design."
At the moment, the school receives a share of general state appropriations to UC-Berkeley but must give 50 percent of its tuition revenue going back to the university’s central administration.

Is this how folks at Cal see it? How does the Haas set up affect the rest of campus? Is it all sunshine and light?

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