Monday, July 15, 2013

Dirks On Napolitano and Higher Ed

Janet and Nick-'my father was dean'; "I love fundraising"; private higher ed as 'the private sector';the view that the public represented through regent actions; on international students and his relationship to Jerry Brown (and their wives) and the caste system (but not on the faculty caste system at UC); online,EdX and MOOC instruction; faculty recruitments, poaching; on 'the house cleaning at Columbia' and Op Ex at Cal; Graduate Student debt and wages and COLA; on protests and responses to protests;Cal football; student/faculty ratio; teaching core curriculum;... more, listen here:

and then read the excerpt provided here toward the end, read it a few times...

comments on the audio portion can be found here.
update: at the 15:30 mark they talk about Dirks' and Brown's shared interest in former UC Regent and anthropologist Bateson, here is background pulled from the LA Times:
“He’s appointed some of the best people, in my judgment, and some of the worst,” said the late Wilson Riles, the former superintendent of public instruction, of Brown’s appointees to the board in 1979. “There’s no pattern. He’s moved by the spirits.” Riles criticized Brown for naming members who had “no understanding of the university.”

That was confirmed by Regent Gregory Bateson, the anthropologist best known for his work with porpoises and named to the board by Brown. He once said he was “unable to have an opinion on most of the matters that come before our board … To correct my incompetence and ignorance,” he wrote in a letter to the UC president, “it would be necessary to do a great deal of work. But I am not motivated to do that work.”

Bateson went on to say that students “will get little from the university if they come to it, and when they leave will give back to society rather little of what they got.”

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