Wednesday, July 31, 2013

don't lose your lunch...

don't know the background- why there are so many positions open?, could be just b/c Napolitano is leaving etc. but passing it along b/c it is about Napolitano's potential replacement and the state of things as she leaves, the culture of the place she leaves as compared to the culture of UC and OP: "confirmation hearing for Alejandro Mayorkas, Obama’s nominee to become the deputy secretary of homeland security, a job that could result in him running the department when Secretary Janet Napolitano steps down in September."
Carper won’t say outright that Mayorkas didn’t do anything wrong, but he said he doesn’t have faith in the IG office to get to the bottom of the issue, much less in the near future. The Senate is investigating several allegations of nepotism and abuse of power in the IG’s office.

“We have an investigation by an IG’s office which is also under investigation,” he said. “If you look into the assertions about the IG’s office at DHS, the idea that they are questioning the integrity and reputation of Mayorkas is the height of irony.”

Carper said he is alarmed that more than a dozen senior positions in the Homeland Security Department are now vacant or filled with acting personnel.

“There are gaping holes in the management of this department. It’s not a good situation,” he said. “We don’t need the so-called investigation to take another nine months. This department needs strong leadership now.”

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  1. Napolitano ran DHS into the ground. Now she will run UC into the ground.