Thursday, July 4, 2013

For Independence: What More In The Name Of Love?

Are political moves being played, cloaked 'in the name of love'? -what are the 'trade- offs' being made?- just some things to think about on Independence Day:

First, see this coverage, w/ this passage:
In his dissent, Kennedy, a California native, wrote that the majority "does not take into account the fundamental principles or the practical dynamics of the initiative system in California," which, like 26 other states, "uses this mechanism to control and to bypass public officials—the same officials who would not defend the initiative."

Because the court "insists upon litigation conducted by state officials whose preference is to lose the case," Kennedy continued, the majority's decision "means that a single district court can make a decision with far-reaching effects that cannot be reviewed."

then see:
Davis Vanguard- UCD Professor Worries That Prop 8 Decision Will Harm Initiative Process --that would be UC Davis law professor Vikram Amar.
First Amendment Coalition took this up a li'l differently: For the Supreme Court’s decision NOT to rule on the constitutionality of gay marriage, you can blame Jerry Brown

Are we going to have to revisit large sections of all of this all over again?
Work is supposed to give independence : Minding the WorkPlace On Independence Day

Also David Yamada's colleagues- the Namies- have some really good recent posts on Snowden and more -as those cases relate to the workplace.

Holidays provoke a gratitude check - so, just want to say it is a great thing that David Yamada writes about (the need for) healthy workplaces and, it seems- like us, sees spectrums...

Maybe bullying is not the equivalent to retaliation- but they are on the same spectrum?

Maybe terms like 'restorative justice' and 'therapeutic justice' are sometimes ploys, traps used by employers etc.?

Maybe they can also be terms for real tangible methods of achieving justice in certain situations. Situations that can fall on a spectrum.

The importance of having experts who can speak fluently, intelligibly, 'conversationally' about it all -accessible- well, that is something to be very grateful for when you find it.

Yamada takes all of this up in various posts and writings, check him out.
While we are at it: Maybe sometimes 'leaking' is not the same thing as protected disclosure - they sit on the same spectrum but at different points? Or, is it the same thing?
Changing Universities has a new post up on UC privatization.

and Condolences to UCSC community on this news.

Why didn't they ever MOOC or online this? possible answer: maybe b/c the students pursuing that degree want the Haas F2F attached to their degrees... - and other depts continue to deal with the drama that crowded major sometimes causes for their courses. If the admin really believe in the MOOC, online then why didn't they... oh, go figure.
Happy 4th y'all.

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