Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How does this Special Faculty Permit stuff work?

See: UC Regents Face Big Problems From Doc
Muizelaar told the Bee that he never bothered to get a license to practice medicine in California because he already works 80-100 hours per week and said the license was "not necessary."
"I'll be frank with you, I'm world famous, so they gave me the license to practice here," Muizelaar told the Bee. "I can go sit for the exams, but why would I do that?"
The Lawheads seek punitive damages from Muizelaar and the UC Board of Regents.

it also has this section: "Prior to the referring of Donna L. Lawhead to Jan Paul Muizelaar for neurosurgery, the Regents had received complaints concerning their agent and employee which alleged the following: (a) Muizelaar had the highest rate of patient death and complications of the doctors in the Department of Neurosurgery; (b) Muizelaar had the highest rate of malpractice claims of doctors in the Department of Neurosurgery; (c) Muizelaar had falsified medical records; (d) Muizelaar lacked necessary operative skills as a surgeon; (e) Muizelaar had caused illegal and fraudulent billing practices; (f) Muizelaar received bonuses based in part on the number of surgeries he performed; (g) the Regents earned millions of dollars by continuing to refer patients to Muizelaar for surgery in spite of the above.
"The Regents' decision to provide a special license to Muizelaar to practice neurosurgery even though he could not qualify for a regular medical license, and the Regents continued willingness to employ Muizelaar and to refer patients to him for neurosurgery in spite of his poor surgical skills and dismissal record were decisions motivated by greed. The Regents' motivation was to maximize profits even at the expense of patient safety."

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