Thursday, July 18, 2013

I think the UC Regents...

have bought themselves a long term headache
they have awakened a sleeping and growing giant
this is the most thuggish looking process for presenting the new UC President
corporate types towing the party line seated in the front rows
shutting off mic, denying members of the university community time to speak
it is looking like martial law-
- like taking the position by force, literally
the secretary to the regents saying "where's Mark, where's Mark?! what do you want to do, what do you want to do?! we gotta get outta here!"
Chair Varner "Regents please clear the room"
you should watch this for yourself
Climate change is not going to matter if the world is bereft of freedom
Gov Brown photos in Ireland tweeted out- He should be watching this, here.
Expected it to be heated at the UC Regents meeting today
that was expected
I did not expect to feel so deeply, deeply sad
This is not the University of California.
they are back in session,room was cleared
mostly press in front row now
UC Regent Flores is speaking- she had to waive her hand to be recognized...
Both UC Student Regent voting "no" on her appointment.
Newsom gives a pol speech. Reiss and Lansing try to piggy back on it.
Can't play "Blame it on Barack"- can't say 'it was the White House policy and I was just the secretary'. Hope she does not say that, like others have tried to say in her defense.
She serves at the pleasure of the President and able to submit her resignation at any time.
Her compensation at UC includes a base salary lower than Mark Yudof's - according to Reiss and Lansing- she requested it and gender was not considered in recruitment.
Napolitano gives her speech, she now includes staff and alumni in her remarks.
She goes around the table to shake hands, she makes a point to talk to Sadia, and Blum makes a point to hug...political gestures everywhere.
Meeting adjourned 2:45pm. will post news coverage as links below as they become available:

Daily Cal Live Blog

Daily Bruin and more Daily Bruin

UCR Highlander

UCSC got to it in a different way in early June- it will be interesting to hear their voice on Napolitano once they are back at full sail.

San Jose Mercury News w/ photos

SF Chron - from AP

Fox news

Politico, yep, politico

Reuters and a longer version

Fox News Latino

nbc bay area

abclocal- kgo - they interviewed Gavin Newsom and Charlie Eaton

KTVU news

Wonder if Janet Napolitano is going to make Oakland her home? What would that mean for the area?

U Va is her other alma mater (in addition to University of Santa Clara) -so, what would Janet do? she even received some sort of alumni medal a while back, is she friends with Dragas Malfoy?

Sac Bee coverage of Napolitano appointment as UC Pres.

"You cannot understand what it means to appoint Janet Napolitano for office until it gets to your dinner table, until you look into your mother's eyes and you see fear for her daughter.... And she's asking herself if immigrant students of color are going to be safe at the university," UC Irvine student Andrea Gaspar said in addressing the regents.

Student regent Cynthia Flores voted against Napolitano's nomination, saying she has instilled fear in many immigrant homes.

When does ex officio UC Regent Speaker Perez attend another UC Regents meeting... what were his comments on the nomination? have to go back and check.

Good overview of what else happened at the meeting today here.

Bob Meister made comments that hit on this more seriously-will try to find a clip if available- but, right now, we need a laugh.


  1. your best poem ever! sentiments definitely shared.
    warm thanks as well for always being on the beat

  2. is that a poem?
    (when I think about english profs reading it... i try not to think about that
    i put those thoughts off into a distant place or
    I couldn't hit publish, ever)

    really, it is just a mindset of throw it out there
    also, to put the links in one area so that folks who spoke, attended, protested can search easily and find news coverage of themselves - the moments when the uc regents camera goes down but the press is still clicking or filming- so that they can 'memorialize' their participation

    student regent really hit it when she said those who spoke during public comment were courageous for speaking
    and De Grassi just --was a catharsis

    I have been wondering how MM is taking all of this...
    haven't seen a post from him on the latest and wondered if he had an aneurysm upon hearing the news. of course, he is likely fine and eventually he will make his views known.

    i have to write some things in standard five paragraph essay, or a full narrative, or letter form
    i haven't decided yet
    it will be up later
    it isn't the easiest thing to do for a bunch of reasons
    I was working on that and then
    your comment arrived -at an interesting time - so, thank you.